Downspout Pop-Up Location

pmsmith2032(5b Suburbs of Chicago)June 4, 2013

I am working on burying my downspouts and I am not sure if I need to dig under the sidewalk to run downspout or if I can leave it. I'm running 4" PVC underground to a pop-up emitter. My options are:
1. Run it under sidewalk ( a lot of work and I'm worried about sidewalk sagging in the future.
2. Running it to middle of mulch bed (between the two yews).
3. Running it to the middle of the grassy patch just in front of the retaining wall.


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Just study the path the water will travel to the street and make your decision. Which path causes you the least nuisance or maintenance headache. Make sure your line is sealed back to the house and partway up of the vertical down drain to create head to push up the emitter. Aloha

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