Stihl 024AV won't run long

mbrubakerNovember 22, 2009

My used Stihl 024AV chain saw has developed the problem of quitting after only a few cuts, and then I can't get it started again for a while (usually I leave it sit for a day). This is a recent development - the saw ran as long as I wanted it to when I first got it. I am suspecting that the problem may be that the gas tank air inlet vent is clogged. Since there is no vent in the gas cap I surmise that the tank has a vent hose fitted, but I don't know where it is. I have a manual for the 026 model, but nowhere in the manual does it show where the gas tank vent is. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Also, I note that there is a round rubber "button" on the top of the saw above the name plate on the left side. The "button" has a screw head in it which I can loosen but which will not come off. What is this?

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To check the tank vent, loosen the gas cap when it quits to let air in, it should start back up then if thats the trouble. More causes would be clogged fuel filter, clogged muffler screen, clogged carb, bad coil no spark,cracked fuel line to mention a few. Steve

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masiman(z7 VA)

There are at least two types of vents on 026's. One looks like a rectangular thing (up to serial #X 30 976 774) the other is almost cylinder shaped ~3/4" tall and ~3/8" across (from serial #X 30 976 775). The second type is on the left side of the saw on the tank near the on-off-choke switch (toward the outside and forward I think) and I believe you have to remove the air filter to access it. The other one appears to be in about the same place. Both require that you at least remove the carburetor box cover.

I have an 024/026 manual that shows this on page 64. If you need this manual, post a somewhat disguised email and I'll send you an electronic copy.

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My saw's serial number must be 774 or lower (haven't found the serial # on the saw yet), because it has the rectangular piece attached to the top of the gas tank just to the left of the carb/air filter combo. The 024/026 manual would be a great help. Email to brubaker_family (at sign) Thank you for the responses - I will check out all the possibilities described. The first two I will check are the fuel uptake and the gas tank vent. Hopefully the solution is a simple one!

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ive had my saw passed down to me and it quits as sone after it starts i dies

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

One thing you might want to check is the gas you are using. If it has ethanol in it (most gas does) this could be your problem. One of our saw after two years quit working. It would start but not stay running. Had it checked out and this was the problem. Same this with my 12 year old saw I bought from Wal-marts for 99.oo (of all places), my husband flushed out the gas, cleaned the fuel filter and put in non-ethanol gas and the saw runs like new!!

To find a station that sells ethanol gas go to Good Luck!

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