Cyclone Rake

greenhobby(BugVille)November 17, 2005

Does anyone here have a recent model of the Cyclone Rake? I just purchased their commercial model and I am absolutely floored at the power and ease of this thing. My lawn gets buried with oak leaves (1 ft deep!) and I have been raking/blowing over 4 acres (actual lawn is less) for 12 years. My JD GX345 mower deck now picks em up and the Cyclone takes it from there.

If anyboby is on the fence and unwilling to part with $1.8K (1275 base, with a few options), there are cheaper models, but to think of all the time I've spent raking (as a kid and adult) in my life, it makes me wonder.

highly recommended!


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twosevenright(central MA)

Love mine too.

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I've got one that's about 6 years old. A nearby neighbor saw me using it last year, and this year he bought one. It was the standard size, just like mine. I don't think you're gaining much by buying the larger size models. When the bag gets about 3/4 full on the standard size machine, it becomes very noticeable with the way it handles while making tight turns and backing up if you need to get around an obstacle. When the leaves are damp and heavy, lifting that bag to dump it, is a little struggle.

My old one has the zippered rear opening. This has held up well, even though I have heard of it being a weak point. It needs to be kept clean so it doesn't jam. They have redesigned the bag with a couple of wide panels that fold across the rear opening, using velcro to hold it closed. I don't think it's a very good design, I would think they could have come up with a better way to engineer this.

One other weak point is the blower housing. about 4 or 5 years ago, I sucked up a large rock which first went through the mower and then through the blower. That cracked the housing at the rear, which I was able to repair and reinforce with a piece of 16 gauge steel sheet. My neighbor's machine sucked up a rock hidden at the bottom of a pile he had collected and dumped, while transferring it to a truck. that cracked his housing at the same point. Not as bad as mine, bu still annoying since he just bought it this year. They really need to add some internal deflector at that point to prevent this. It wouldn't take much to solve this problem.

The Cyclone Rake does a great job clearing leaves from a lawn. It's really hard to beat for efficiency.


Here is a link that might be useful: Cyclone Rake info

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They have completely re-designed the back. It is now velcro and easy connector straps. The larger model provides me with 44 bushels of leafs before dumping. This was a necessity for me. The other reason I went with the commercial model is so that I can use the 35 ft estate hose to get into places that my tractor can't. I filled it full of wet leaves tonight and it wasn't too bad to lift and empty. I guess it depends on your frame of mind.

thanks for the replies.

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I also have a Cyclone rake I bought used about 3-4 years ago - best machine I have ever owned for cleaning up my huge piles of oak and maple leaves and what ever else gets in its path . I love it and my 3/4 of an acre is spotless!

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I'm glad your enjoying it. I just put mine on the wall for the winter. A tip for hanging it on the wall (may already do this). It is a bit heavy (Commercial model anyway). Take the lower frame and hang that first, then hang the canvas frame. I've been (ignorantly) hoisting both at the same time up on the hooks. Glad I figured out that one (at least for my back!).


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I leave mine assemebled all year and just back it in to my shed. Not worth packing away for me as I have the room. One more day of clean up and then I need to change the oil and run the gas dry for the winter.

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yeah, I left it assembled this summer as well, but the tires (duals)started to develop flat spots. It only takes a few minutes anyway (albeit heavy). If you have the 17 ft extention hose, let me know. I figured out a way to easily attach the blower hose to it to get 22 ft out of it!


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How does the Cyclone Rake do on picking up nuts? I got numerous Oak, Walnut, and Shagbark Hickory trees that leave a tremendous amount of nuts on the ground. I'm leaning towards one of them but wanted to know how they worked on that type of debri.



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auggie1(5b CT)

On this new model Xl with the yellow housing and bigger hose . Does it shred the leaves without using the mower blades engaged an just paddle them in partly whole? Also on the hitch have you all used 5/8ths hillman hardern steel bolts to attach hitch plate? I say this cause the bolts they supplyed ripped right out the back of the mower with my Dr. On the fence about cyclone XL. TY . Pete

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I would think the weight of the DR caused the failure of the bolts especially when loaded. The Cyclone is much lighter and easier to store it thats a issue. The rake will pick up nuts when attached to the mower if you set the deck low enough. With the sucker hose attached directly to the rake it will pick up anything less than a pound this included golf balls and a half of a red brick.

I know this cause I sucked up a brick hidden under the leaves besides my house. I noticed this by the BIG THUD and dust when the brick went through. I just knew I ruint the impeller, but to my suprise it didn't hardly leave a mark let along any damage. The brick broke up into little pieces. I dought a metal impeller would of made out so lucky.

My rake is now 8 years old. The orginal bag was a zipper model and the top zipper didn't hold up. They replaced it free with a Vel-cro model and that was 6 years ago. The newer model bag has held up great if fact it still looks new.

But, I never store any wet grass or leaves in it and I also blow it off after use. The TEC engine has held up well and still runs like new. I think they have upgraded it alot when compared to my older model.

As far as the 4 bag vs. the 6 bag? I have the 4 bag model and agree when it get full weight is a factor. But, guess it depends on the size of LT you have. I have it behind an old 38" LT4000 and it works just find.

The rake is easy to hook up and back up, but you need to watch the swing effect, due to the two pin hook up it follows the LT exactly. It is also light when empty and easy to break down a store if space is a problem. My 1 1/2 acres has about 50 oak trees, I've rake, sweeped, and by far the cyclone rake is the easiest, you only have to handle the leaves once, takes longer to unload than load, plus if you have a place to dump using the rake with the containers out is a breeze, just suck up and dump. Money well spent for me.

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I have a rock driveway and live in OR where leaves are wet 99% of the time.

Will a Cylcone rake suck wet leaves and if it sucks up rock will that destroy it?

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Yes it will suck up wet leave and by adjusting your deck height it won't suck up rock depending on how efficent deck design you have. If you use the sucker attachment and lay it flat on the ground it will. You will soon learn how to angle the sucker hose to swish it across flower bed with rock base and not suck up the rocks. As far as the wet leaves as long as they are not smashed into the rock it will lift them if you haven't drove over them and inpacked them into the driveway it will have a hard time
lifting them up unless you lower the deck down all the way. With the deck down all the way and if you drive way has loose rock then it will suck up the some of the rocks.

Actually when the ground is damp or wet (not right after a rain or while it's raining) it hold the dust down. But, you will have to clean out the canvas bag after ever use or it will mildew and evidently rot. Like any other piece of equipment you have to take care of it if you expect it to last.

The DR is plastic and would fair much better if left unattended after use. The big Plus for the cyclone rake are, it's light and compact, can be broken down when storage is limited, it follows the LT due to the two pin hook up which makes backing a breeze, but it sways with the LT when you turn.

will it hurt it if you suck up small driveway rocks, I dought it, I sucked up a half a brick and didn't hurt mine, but It probably depends on how hard and big the object is that you are sucking up. I know golf balls, sea shells, river rock under flower beds don't hurt it, I sucked up many of them

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auggie1(5b CT)

RCmoser , funny you should mention a golf ball picked one up with the DR vac just yesterday "honest" dumped it in the mulch pile. I do not doubt the design of of th cyclone. I did ask tho if it shreds leaves down without the mower blades ( yes we all use mower blades when we use this type of machine) The Impellar on the DR has a life time warrenty,so not worried , but a PIA to change. I do like on the cyclone the biggger hose and impellar ( that does not get damaged from rocks) for suction of damp leaves. I do not like the rot part of the bag. So still some what on the fence. TY for your reply. cheers

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I only suspected the bag may rot it you leave wet leaves in it (nobody has reported this). Last about as long as a mower deck thats never cleaned out on top or under. You can wash it out with a hose and it will not rot because it clean. If it clean it will dry, I suspect it would be problem due to moisture between dirt and the canvas just like when boat are covered up and the interior get screwed up cause the mositure can't evaporate. My bag has 7 years on it and it looks like new don't have picture right now but I need to take some and post them.

I like the teeth on the DR rotor blade seems like it would shred leave finer. Plastic collection housing can be left unattended, but any metal in the plastic that covered up by dirt and water IMO will rust or rot also. the DR has it strong points and cost looks to be about the same.

I don't care what anybody buys, I brought the rake cause of it's storage features, not heavy or big, and you can bag or not bag and it unloads easily. It's all about care IMO it you take care of something it will last a very long time. thats the point I try to make. The true test it time, report back in 10 years as I will when I get there in two more seasons. then, we can compare if that's important. Later.

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auggie1(5b CT)

Rc thanks for the reply. The Dr vacs break down also for storage. No one is trying to sell anyone just pointing out the differnces, between the two. later

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I picked up my Cyclone XL at the plant in West Haven on Friday November 26, 2010. The people at Woodland Power Products were really nice.

I got several of the extras. Dual wheels, 17' Power Pick Up, Power Unloader, Mower Deck Adapter, Wall Mount Kit, and the Third Wheel Jack Stand.

As you open the boxes, your first impression will be the quality of the unit. Everything is first class. They did not cut any corners. Everything appears to be industrial quality. They provide an Owners Kit with a loose leaf instruction manual, and a very nice tool kit that provides all the tools you will need to assemble the rake. They even provide a magic marker, center punch, and drill bits for mounting the hitch to the mower. First class all the way.

The XL is big, and will take up a lot of room if you don't hang it on a wall. The instructions are clear about taking the bagger off the frame so that you hang each separately.
You also remove the wheels as they are quite heavy. The Unloader and Power Pick Up hoses take up a lot of space. I got two more Wall Mount Kits, and will hang the hoses with them. That will get them out of the way.

I have several very large Oak trees, and the leaves get deep in my yard and flower beds. I mow with a John Deer L-130 with 48" deck. The Deer has a bagger, but it doesn't begin to handle the leaves. It gets totally overwhelmed, jams and is full in a few yards.

The XL is a whole another story. It handles the leaves as fast as the Deer can feed them. The limiting factor is the speed that the Deer deck can feed the leaves. The XL does not jam!

The leaves get really deep and thick in my flower beds. The leaves really get packed tight by the wind and rain. Several years ago I bought a Sears gas vac for these leaves. The hose is too short, and it does not have the power to suck up the leaves without clogging. The Power Pickup of the XL pulls up the leaves with relative ease.

I use the Power Unloader to unload the bagger. Instead of dumping, you suck out the leaves with the Power Pickup and blow them where you want them. These leaves go through the mower blades once and the impeller twice. They get mulched really fine. I suspect they will compost really quickly.

I could not be happier with the Cyclone XL. It isn't cheap, but then, you get what you pay for. It takes a difficult job and makes it a lot easier. I wish I had bought one years ago.

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here pic of my 9 year old First generation CR. The bad is 8 years old. Used it today with the sucker hose, sucked up bunch of leave right off gravel and Flower beds. Got a golf ball also, made a big thud, but not to worry no damage other than knocked the dust off it. TEC engine still running fine!

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Has anyone thought of a clever way of storing the hoses? I have both the suction hose and the power unloader hose.

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I made wooden rack brackets and stor mine on the side of my detached garage/shed.

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Hello,does anyone have a copy of the owners manual for the classic?

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Why do you need the owners manual? you can probably get all you need from woodlands power products (manual or IPB). Goggle woodlands products

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Any one know where you can find a replacement impellar for Cyclone Rake Impeller for the Classic unit? I called the company and they want to sell the full impeller and green suction unit to me only for $145. I just need the impeller.

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I purchased a Cyclone Rake Commander Pro second hand. The previous owner had a Cub Cadet so the Mower Deck Adapter would not fit my John Deere. The previous owner had several accessories including the Power Vacuum Pickup which worked as advertised. However, when I ordered a MDA for my 54C deck, the MDA arrived already cut for some other deck. I sent Woodland Power side-by-side pictures of my deck opening and the MDA they sent. They tried to hide behind the fact that in the instructions it states that additional cutting may be necessary. Nowhere on the page does it state that additional cutting may be necessary. You don't see that until you pay the $99 and receive the improperly cut MDA and find it in the instructions. They insisted that this MDA was cut for a John Deere 54C deck but there is a one inch gap all around the opening of the MDA which additional cutting will not close. If or when you do order the MDA, insist that they send an uncut MDA and cut the thing yourself. These people don't know what they are doing and I have the pictures to prove it.

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Several years ago I sold mine.. It took long to empty the bag filled with grass in the heat. I had to replace hoses, adapters, bag and hardware. Cart was rusting and repainted. I love the 3 bagger system on my mower. Much lighter and easier to dump

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