drip irrigation clogging

charlierubin(6)June 4, 2009

I have two drip irrigation systems, using 2 AGRIFIM ISO-FLOW drip emitters (4/5 L/hr) per tree. I have a 20 psi pressure reducer and filter at the system source. Both irrigation lines worked fine until I expanded each line. Both have similar issues.

When I expanded from 800' to 1600' of 1/2' line and added about ISO-FLOW 20 drip emitters, the new spliced section does not work. The new drip emitters are slightly different than previous emitters. Instead of the black color Arifilm 5L/hr emitters, the irrigation supply store now carries Brown/black color Arifilm 4L/hr emitters. If I take the emitters off of the 1/4" tubbing, water flows freely from the tube. Any suggestions? Perhaps taking the pressure reducer off might help?

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Hi Charlie,

What is your water source's flow(gpm) and pressure(psi)? How many emitters do you have per line? Are the two drip lines connected? How many valves are you using? You have the right idea. You don't have enough pressure to move the available water to all the emitters. It could be a combination of several things. After you answer my questions, I can suggest a few test and then you can make a new plan for your system and see where you are. At least you will be making decisions with a little more knowledge. Aloha

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Hi Lehua

I solved the problem. On each line, I have about 60 1GPH emitters. Each line is separate. It turns out that its a pressure issue. I am using my irrigation water, using the natural hydraulic water head. After I expanded the line, the water pressure was too low. I split the line and it worked fine. I also removed the 25 PSI reducers. Cheers, Charlie

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Hi Charlie,

Great News. Happy Growing. Aloha.

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