Save me from compression fittings!

tomatotomataJune 18, 2012

Is there a drip system that uses something other than compression fittings? Not only are they a pain to put together, but they aren't reusable.

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Are you using a pressure regulator? I get a little help from good beefy needle nose pliers or a large blunt nose wire cutters. Aloha

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1/2" barb fittings work on some hose, but then you have to mess with clamps. Compression fittings can be reused, they're just a pain in the behind to take off. Took me about 20 minutes one day, to take an elbow off that I had just put on. Gently rock the tubing and fitting while trying to pull on each end.

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familyman2004(z8 MS)

Yes there is a much better alternative to compression fittings : Direct-Loc Fittings: aka Spin Loc, Perma Loc, Easy Loc or Power Loc: Direct-Loc fittings are one the most versatile drip tubing connector fittings available for Drip irrigation. They are sold by most of the major online drip suppliers I have also seen them at Lowes albeit more expensive.

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I use the Gardena connectors. The 1/2'/13mm pieces come in all different shapes, from inline, to T-shape, to 4-way connectors. And they're reusable.

In the US, you can get them from Amazon.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gardena micro irrigation components

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Sherwood Botsford(3a)

To remove a compression fitting: Grab the pipe and fitting with about 4 inches of pipe between your hand and the fitting. Now: Pretend you are operating a crank. One hand is fixed, the other cranks in a 3" circle. While doing this keep a steady tension.

You will extract the tube about 1/50 of an inch with each revolution. The end of the pipe will be mangled. Snip off.

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