Weird dripline problem

Kim LadinJune 30, 2013

I've just installed a pretty extensive drip system in my backyard vegetable/fruit garden. I'm running 1/2" poly mainline around the garden, with Agrifim Dura-Flo Jr. 1/4" dripline through the beds. The emitter spacing is 6".

I tested it this morning, and it's mostly working, EXCEPT there are about 4 inline emitters, in completely separate and random parts of the garden, that are emitting a big spray instead of a gentle drip. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to this -- i.e. it's not the emitters closest to the mainline, or closest to the beginning of the system. This is happening to 4 out of probably 250 total emitters.

I don't have a pressure regulator on the valve which controls this system, since it's a pretty big run. Could the 4 emitters be misbehaving because the pressure is too high? (I don't see any other signs of too much pressure in the system.)

I'm also noticing some inconsistency in how much each dripline is emitting overall.

Any insights into what might be going on here?


Campbell, CA

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Yes. Just a matter of time before more give you problems. You should find out two things. What your system's operating pressure is (hose bib pressure gauge) and second find out what the drip lines safe operating pressure range(google). Match the two with an in-line pressure regulator. GL Aloha

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