jealanNovember 28, 2009

Hello, I have a sears log splitter from 1981.It is a 5 hp, 10 ton with a 3 and 1/2 inch cylinder. It lost most of the hydraulic force. I am asking which to suspect first,as the worn out part. The cylinder or the pump. When I first use it and the fluid is cold it has more splitting torque than it does after using it and getting the fluid hot.However it never has the torque it used to have. What are my steps for troubleshooting my splitter? The model no. is 498.286692 the parts are not available however there are pumps that will fit it and there is a place that rebuilds cylinders. Thankyou for any assistance.

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canguy(British Columbia)

The first thing to do is check the fluid level and change the filter if it has one. If o.k remove the screen from the tank by pulling up the inlet line, it could be clogged. Put a pressure gauge on the pump and check it against the pump specs. If it is still lazy and the pump is o.k. the plunger o-rings in the cylinder are likely shot. On a consumer unit such as yours, the cylinder is likely not rebuildable, it is cheaper to replace.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

canguy gave you some good 101 on splitter. Cylinder shop will put your cylinder on test stand that answer about pump condition. There bypass in pump gears are piston seals in cylinder hot thinner oil makes it drop in force at ram 1981 year model and oil getting hot that many years there got some failure in both pump and piston packing even full and no water in hydraulics.

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Jealan and Others with suggestions, please reply if you h/n.

What were your final results with your splitter? I have a splitter with similar space except for a electric 1 HP motor that works very good. The noise from the hydraulic pump has been my challenge to reduce. I have ringing ears that could have come from using the splitter w/o enough ear protection. Now, I feel IÂm at a slight risk from blocking out too much noise with earplugs and muffs on (when working alone). Such as, failing equipment or visitors that I would possibly hear. Have you heard or seen any methods of making a hydraulic pump run quieter w/o affecting the force? With the electric motor running disconnected from the pump or a pump line is open, there is basically no noise.

Thanks In Advance!

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Jealan: If you have not ever replaced or cleaned the Fluid Filter this will cause overheating and eventual cavitation at the Pump Head. The Symptoms would be excessive system fluid heat and sluggish/erratic performance. (Abnormal Fluid Reservoir Foaming) would be present . Depending on how often and duration of use the Pump Vanes may have seen their better days. If you have never run it low on Hydraulic Fluid this would be a secondary concern . Do you hear any unusual chatter at the head during splitting . This would indicate a pump problem or directional valve bypassing back to the tank . You also may wish to feel the Cylinder during usage to determine leak through , if extreme you will actually feel it or sense unusual heat from the blow-by if the Victraulic or Chevron Seals have lost their pliability with age .

Loger: As indicated before the Internal (Inline) Fluid Diffuser for noise attenuation (abatement) would reduce the flow and pressure rating (MWP) of your current Pump . This would affect the Rate of Speed of the Ram Stroke (slower) To maintain this a larger (GPM) Pump head would be required. As previously stated the cheaper Home Owner Style Hydraulic Splitters are much noisier . The only cheap route is to encompass the Pump head with acoustical insulation (Roxul) the secondary resonated noise from piping and hose and Ram Cylinder would still produce some residual noise . Harmonics (Noise) from fluid flow are inherent to Hydraulic Systems .

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Thanks Again Ewalk! I need to live with the muffs for the short time I use the splitter. With that in mind, IÂll hope to fish today or tomorrow. But I feel ashamed of good catches when a 1.5 lb crappy, sandy or cats are the best we expect on a good day. That is all IÂm use to which will always make it a good catch a few times a year. In North TX (DFW), I fish about 4 months, burn wood about 4 months and 4 months of maintenance/repairs.

Last, a friend came by to check my wood harvest because he's having about 5 oak trees trimmed and wanted to see if I had some room. Again, your need, supply and storage of wood makes me feel like IÂm playing. His trimmings makes me feel like I'm playing. It's good starter wood or quick fires seasoned 2-4" dia.

You All Take Care And Have Fun! loger

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