Craftsman tractor wiring : where's the stop switch connector

messeniaMay 11, 2010

My neighbor's oversized puppies attacked her Craftsman tractor (17.5hp with a Briggs & Stratton 31C707 engine) and ripped out part of the electrical system. The $590 repair estimate from Sears seemed rather excessive so we decided to order the parts on the list the technician left and try to do it ourselves. Using the remnants of the original wiring as a guide, we replaced three electrical harnesses -- the main ignition harness, the headlights, and a smaller wiring harness from Briggs and Stratton.

Everything is connected except one lone green wire in the B&S harness. From the B&S installation diagram, we think that one is for a stop switch. How do we find out where that connector goes?

The B&S installation guide for the 6-pin wiring harness part no. 698329 is linked from here -

Any help would be most gratefully appreciated

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Can you post the full Craftsman "technical model number"?
This is the model number that usually begins with 917. Can usually be found on the body area under the seat. Need to see a Craftsman wiring diagram.

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I'm sorry, I had planned to double-check the model number before posting then forgot to include it. It's 917.275371.

The wiring diagram is on page 31 of owners manual; which is posted at

I would go to a Sears and just look at one on the floor but they aren't sold in this area at all so we're stuck with trying to do this without being able to see what it's supposed to look like.

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OK, you say you only have the one green wire that is not connected to anything. Let me ask you this: did you have a small black wire in the Briggs harness that you connected to a spade (blade type) terminal on the ignition coil (armature by B&S) under the flywheel cover?
If you did, I am pretty sure the green wire is "unassigned" in this application. The green wire would likely be for the oil pressure sender which this engine does not have. Check the connector wher this Briggs harness connects to the Craftsman harness and see if there is a wire in the Craftsman harness that lines up with the green wire in the B&S harness. If there is no wire on the Craftsman side of the connector that mates up with the green wire, the green wire is not used in this app. If there is a wire in the Craftsman side of the connector that is continuous to the green wire, turn the dash key switch to the run position and test the green wire with a volt meter or test light to see if it has voltage on it. If it has voltage, it certainly DOES NOT connect to the ignition coil (meaning it's not a kill wire).

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Unfortunately, the harness doesn't include the connection you described. The Briggs 6-pin harness (part no. 698329) has three loose leads:

* One with a clylindrical connector that goes to the pressure switch.

* A gray wire that connects to the fuel solenoid. The connector for that also has a ground wire that is fastened on the heat shield.

* A green wire that should connect to some sort of tab (or spade/blade?) somewhere. The Briggs installation sheet labels that one as going to a stop switch.

The dogs ripped out the main 6-pin connector but there were remnants of the oil pressure switch and fuel solenoid wires so we had no problem figuring out what to do with those. There was no evidence of the green wire though and we've been stymied in finising.

There is a plastic cable tie bundling the green and gray wires so I routed this orphan with the fuel switch wire under the engine. It's just occurred to me though that the connector I'm looking for might be on the other side, nearer to the oil pressure switch and that maybe I should separate those wires earlier.

I called B&S yesterday and am in queue for a callback. I doubt that I'll hear from them before Monday. If possible, I'd like to finish this and use the tractor over the weekend.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo of harness

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OK, my apologies for the statement I made regarding the absence of an oil pressure sender & light on this app. I don't know why Craftsman fails to show an oil pump, an oil filter or an oil pressure switch anywhere in the CRAFTSMAN owners manual (not even in the Briggs section) for this engine. Going to the official Briggs site and pulling up the IPL for the engine DOES show all the parts for an oil filter system. I don't believe this is actually a "pressure lube" system but instead, the oil pump and filter serve only as a filtration system (and the Briggs IPL shows 2 versions of the sump, one with filter and one without).
Anyhow, back to the wiring. Looking at the photo you provided the link to, and also looking at the Briggs illustration you gave the URL to, I conclude that the green wire has to be for the oil pressure sender. The black wire should plug to the ignition coil under the flywheel housing, BUT there may instead be a terminal on the engine throttle control bracket (where the throttle cable ends at the engine) for this black wire to hook to. If you already hooked up the black wire in the Briggs harness, what did you connect it to?

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