JD 828D Snowblower - fuel line replacement

nysffNovember 4, 2010

Inherited my father's JD 828D snowblower last year after he decided to go with a plow service for his driveway. He actually made the switch a couple years ago, but I only got the blower last year. Unfortunately, he left gas in it and the carb was plugged up, etc. I drained the gas and rebuilt the carb for last winter season. It ran, but the surging was still pretty significant. Rather than go through another rebuild, I decided this year to replace the carb. While I'm at it I decided to replace all of the fuel line as it looks like the line is somewhat detiorated.

The line runs through the engine, in front of the head and behind the blower housing. It's pretty tight in there and I don't think I can get the new line in without taking off the blower housing. My question is can anyone confirm the top two bolts securing the blower housing are not head bolts? They only show as 3/4" long on the parts breakdown for the engine, so I'm assuming that's too short to make it through the head into the block. I figure it's probably a bad idea to remove any head bolts if possible and I might trying pulling the new line through with a wire.

The engine is a Tecumseh HMSK80-155559T 5229R


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To install the new line, simply splice the replacement line to the old one w/ a stud, dowel piece, etc and carefully push the new line through as you wiggle through the old one.You have to be sure to use the same OD line as some new line is thicker and won't fit. Once through, give the new line a slight tug on both ends at the same time to eliminate excess line. If you do decide to pull the cover- no worry about the head gasket.

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Thanks for the reply. I might give that a try. The line I got at NAPA seemed a slightly larger OD than original and I thought that would make it real tough to try to snake it through. Maybe I'll stop by the JD dealer and see what he has for a similar OD. Thanks again for the info.

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