Robin Generator RGV2800

njguy07754(7)November 20, 2012

This is a great little generator and I paid $580 with shipping. Does anyone have experience with these generators? It seems rock solid I think this is a better value than a Honda and 10x better than any Briggs & Scrapiron or Chinese clone.

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Should be real good, from what I know, its made by Subaru in japan, if yours is made in japan, then yes it should be as good as any honda

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Yes and it's fairly quiet. Not as quiet as my Honda EU3000, but acceptable. I called Subaru and spoke to one of their engineers who said that this model is equipped with a voltage regulator (the size of a soda can) mounted inside the armature and keeps voltage stable within 1.5-2%

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Subaru Robin makes an excellent engine and a pretty good generator. I still think the "gold standard" for engines is the Honda GX series, but Subaru is right up there.

I don't have experience with this model. My generator is an older Generac (late 1990's) 10,000 watt with the Subaru EH63 V-twin engine. Bought it used three years ago on Craigslist and served me well during Irene, Sandy, and some other power outages.

Your generator was also introduced in the late 1990's and has since been superceded by the RGX2900. Apparently the older RGV2800 is still available thru distribution.

My only complaint with Subaru is the way they market their machine model numbers. The "2800" refers to the surge or intermittent output. The continuous output is 2300 watts. Generally the rest of the industry uses the continuous figure in their model number. For example, my generator is a SE10000 rated 10kw continuous and 12kw intermittent. I think Subaru's numbering is somewhat misleading.

Also, your voltage regulator is simply a capacitor. This is the most rudimentary for of voltage regulation. While it works OK, more sophisticated voltage regulation is electronic, which is used on Subaru's larger generators. Electronic regulation is more accurate, and regulates over a broader range.Not a bad thing, but only one step better than no regulation.

The attached link is to Robin America's Manual page for older models such as yours. Owners, Parts List, and Service Manual are available for download.

Here is a link that might be useful: Robin America Old Models Manuals

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