Residential gutter drainage to street

MannerJune 28, 2011

I recently dug up a cracked pvc pipe connecting my gutters to the street and am in the process of replacing it. I do not know why they cracked. How should I do this properly, and with what materials?

I was directed to a green 3" PVC sewer pipe, which makes sense, but that is what I dug up. I wouldn't want to replace it with the same material and have that crack as well. Could I use a thicker sch-40 instead? Will that hold up more to cracking, freezing etc? Also, is gravel needed in the trench?


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How much cover is on top of the pipe, type of material and slope from house to street? What is the wall thickness of the green pipe? Is the green pipe flexible, stiff and or corrugated? What is the house to street distance? Was the previous cracked pipe partially full of silt, mud or leaves? Just curious? The more info the better the answer. Aloha

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