Old Poulan Chainsaw

red4vNovember 15, 2009

My dad has an old smaller Poulan saw (25+ years) and it will still start every time. Two years ago it had an issue with the fuel lines in the tank...they were shot. A shop replaced the lines, air filter, etc. We told them to do perform whatever maint the saw needed. Runs well, except now it shoots a stream of fuel out of the small breather hole in the gas cap when the engine is revved to cutting speeed. I'm not talking about a dribble. This is a 1'-2' stream. I could literally write my name in the snow with it...heh, heh, heh. What a mess. Anyway, no one I've talked to knows what to make of the problem.

Right...the shop that did the maint hasn't a clue either.

Any thoughts?


FYI - We bought a new Husky 445 Saturday, and it sure is nice! Would still like to be able to use the Poulan tho.

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I would suspect the gas cap. If i remember right there should be rubber one way check valve that will alow venting but not alow gas to run out the vent hole????? anybody else got any Ideas??? I got a couple of old poulans in the shed. I will look at the gas caps to see for sure when I get time to mess with them.

another guess would be the reed valve messed up when the carb was rebuilt and reinstalled???? but that maybe a reach or far fetched guess???????

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Finely had time to look at my old poulan CS cap. Yes, it does have a rubber check valve so I would replace the cap and it should stop peeing in the snow!!>???!!

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