after the deluge....

woodyoak zone 5 CanadaJune 18, 2014

I was just out in the backyard to see how the path improvements held up under yesterday's heavy rain. We got about 1" in an hour or so. The rain barrel at the SE corner of the front of the house filled to overflowing within minutes and then fountained out through the top. It washed a swath out through the pinebark layer but did not carve a gully once it hit the underlying clay soil that we had rolled a good amount of the 'crusher run' gravel into. In the backyard the only place with a washout was in front of the shed, where the water was sheeting down from across the lawn at a furious rate! But, as in the front by the rain barrel, only the mulch layer was disturbed, and that is easy to rake back into place. So I'm happy with the path work we did in the spring. You can see the disturbed mulch by the shed in this picture:

Some other pictures from the backyard this morning:

Everything is looking pretty lush along the south fence path to the wet corner:

Gillian Blades clematis in the south alley:

Looking north along the path across the back of the house from the south alley towards the patio area:

Good old reliable, vigorous Palace Purple heucheras with some of the patio hostas:

Everything always looks so lush and green after a good rain! I hope no one has any significant damage from yesterdays storms....?

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Very strong winds here too.

I had things like peonies and irises staked, but after the rain and wind, I'm now having to get going staking the very useful salvias (e.g. 'Caradonna' and 'Marcus').

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sandyslopes z5 northern UT

Your backyard is looking very lush. That's great that your paths held up so well. The pine bark forest look is so inviting, it makes you want to take a stroll and appreciate the garden.

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I have no idea what my gardens look like....

Awoke this morning at 4 AM to a storm from hell. The lightning even through the blinds was spectacular. The violent thunder repeatedly shook the house. Each time I thought it was over it would start up again. Very frightening.

The rain continued until late morning so I was unable to see the results. Lots flooding and power outages reported.

We did get a break today but the second storm is about to start. Maybe worse than the first as it's calling for damaging winds and hail.

Here is a pic as I'm leaving work.....

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada

Scary! Fortunately, it wasn't that bad here - although the wind was strong so I stayed out of the room where a neighbour's half-dead ash is at high risk of falling on that room if the wind is strong enough from the SW ...! The wind was strong from that direction last night but we got lucky and the tree didn't come down. I hope you don't get any storm damage either!

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a2zmom(6a - nj)

Woodyoak, that garden looks fantastic. You obviously did a great job on the paths as it sounds like you had no drainage issues at all.

Lilsprout, that is one scary picture.

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