Bury Downspouts?

swcomm(4b)June 28, 2010

I have four downspouts on the house. Two have downspout extenders that unfortunately have to cross walkways and I'd like to get them out of the way by burying them. Both extenders now drain into garden beds and the walkways are brick, so it'll be easy to pull them up and dig a trench. How deep should that trench be and do I just let the water dump into my garden beds or should there also be some sort of trench with gravel dug there too? What kind of drain pipe material should I use? I sort of would like to be able to disconnect the extension pipe from the downspout when I do gutter cleaning - lots of trees in my neighborhood. Is periodic disconnection at the downspout OK, or will that create problems?

In southern WI, so freeze is an issue. One extender needs to be at least 4' long, the other about 10'. Currently don't have any drainage problems, just the inconvenience and safety hazard of the extenders crossing the main traffic walkways into the back yard.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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How much perpendicular slope do you have on your walkway away from the house? How much slope away from the house beyond the sidewalk to the garden areas? The top of pipe could be below the brick sidewalk by as little as 2" in well compacted sand. The slighter the slope the bigger the pipe has to be unlike your downspout which has vertical drop and turbulent flow. Just have a larger diameter pipe under the sidewalk than your downspout and have then have a removable vertical section fitted into the under sidewalk portion 90 degree bend. How much annual rainfall do you get? Aloha

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