soaker hose wasting water?

greenpointmary(6 or 7)July 7, 2006

This is my first time with a veggie garden. Today I put a recycled rubber soaker hose under the mulch in my small garden. I have to attach it to a regular garden hose since the soaker alone won't reach the garden from the spigot. I attached the end of the soaker with the small plastic disc to the regular garden hose, since this end was the only one that fit. At the other end of the soaker hose, it seeemed like there was quite a bit of water coming out and getting wasted. Is this normal or do I have something backwards?

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

There should be no water coming out of the end of the soaker hose! When you buy a soaker hose, they normally come with a cap that screws on the far end so that water doesn't escape. Not having this cap defeats the fumctioning of the soaker hose as the escaping water mainly goes out the end rather than being forced through the tiny soaker holes. If your hose is missing the cap, any hardware store will have one for sale. (As for the small "plastic disc," I'm not sure what that is unless it's the washer that provides a seal where the hoses join.)

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