120 Knock out roses to plant, thanks to Husband!

dolzadell(7)May 9, 2012

I have a husband who loves to get a deal. He is very good at it. That being said, he saw a 1/2 price sell of knock out roses at WalMart and talked the garden manager into selling him 120 knockout roses for $3.00 a piece. Bless his heart, I love him but my Lord, the planting is going to be rough.

I have a 150 foot fence at the back of my yard that I can plant them. Does anyone have a suggestion of how to arrange them? In a row? groupings? How far apart? I wish I had a back hoe LOL I would dig a huge trench and them put them in and cover them. All I can think of is digging 120 holes!

I guess I should never mention wanting a lot of something to my hubby knowing how he likes to wheel and deal.

Thanks every one for any ideas on planting designs.


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seil zone 6b MI

My Mom had a 100 foot hedge of red roses and it was gorgeous! Once the KOs are planted they should be pretty easy to care for. You can probably trim them with hedge trimmers, lol! I'd still go with just digging a trench instead of individual holes and putting them in a row a long the fence. You can go as close as about 18 inches apart for a very full look. Pictures when you're done please!

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Good heavens! Do NOT tell him you like Mars Bars! LOL! Kim

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You don't say where you are, but I do see Zone 7 ... I'm in Zone 7 in Virginia. Here, a full-grown Knock Out is six feet tall or taller, and at least that wide. Yes, you can shear them to try to keep them smaller, but they roar right back and get huge again in no time.

Based on this, it sounds like you have a LOT more roses than you can use on a 150-foot fence.

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I will post a picture of before and then after they are planted. I kind of thought maybe groupings of 6 or so then 6' space and then another grouping of 6. Any thoughts on this?

I never thought about mentioning candy bars, great idea!!!


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roseblush1(8a/Sunset 7)

I think I would ask dh to help dig the trench.


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ilovemyroses(8 Dallas TX)

wow, i am exhausted just thinking about that!! are they all the same color? i am in dallas, and the one ko i had wanted to be six feet tall, and probably five foot diameter, and my attempts to keep it around four feet left me with a mis-shapen bush, so, i would let her go. i believe i have even seen them taller!

if all same color, then i don't think it much matters, but i'd be inclined to do a straight line, good luck and wow! get it done before the heat!!

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Call around to see if you can rent a small "BobCat".Or maybe you have a tractor with a scrap blade that you can turn the blade and use it to make a trench. You can dig trench and have them all done in one day.. WELL worth the extra money...Are there tree roots you need to dig thru? What type of soil do you have? If the bobcat is too expensive--maybe you can have a dump truck load of potting mix brought in and make a raised bed to plant you KO in...Just a few suggestions..

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Thanks for all of the suggestions, I think my hubby is somewhat in shock after seeing all of them out of the truck and sitting under a tree. Kind of like a deer in the headlights....LOL........

We are going to call around and price a 2 man auger, well, a 1 woman and 1 man auger. It will make the hole digging easier although not sure I will be able to hold onto it.

I think the bobcat is a good idea. It would sure make it easier thats for sure but I am not sure we can afford it. I so have a nice pile of compost to mix with the soil which has a lot of clay. We live in SE Tennessee and the soil can be very hard

As far as color I have red, dark pink, lighter pink. Some are double knockouts. I will put a "wave" of red with the darker pink and then a lighter pink. I have more of the medium pink than red or light pink. I also have 4 yellows but I am going to put them somewhere else.

I will take some pictures tomorrow so you can see where they will be living so it gives a better picture of what I am doing.

My next door neighbor saw all of the roses and said 'What have you done now'!!!

Queenbee,Ilovemyroses, Kim,roseblush1,seil, hartwood,and roseseek, thank you so much for all your suggestions and ideas. I have never grown roses so really don't know much of what I am doing so your support is very appreciated.


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karl_bapst_rosenut(5a, NW Indiana)

I was going to suggest an auger. I use to dig my rose holes with a post hole digger. They make those like augers also that you screw into the soil. Or rent a ditch witch.

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buford(7 NE GA)


I would place them at least 3 feet apart. Since you have different colors, I would group the same colors together. You can have the row by the fence, but I think you also have enough to do more groupings. Down here they use KOs on roadsides and they arrange them in a sort of triangle with some small trees in the middle. It looks very nice.

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gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)

I agree with planting them 3' apart. They'll get big.

Would hubby help you plant? Or maybe enlist a couple of friends and give them each a few plants since you have plenty?


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mike_rivers(z5 MI)

Clearly there's no best answer to your question but I would plant all 120 roses evenly in the 150 ft row - or 15 inches apart. Wider spacing would make it easier to care for each plant, but I wouldn't even consider giving individual care. I'd shear the bunch with hedge clippers, sprinkle some osmocote down the row once a year, and that would be that. There's no harm in close spacing, David Austin recommends rose trios separated by 18 inches. Besides, what are you going to do with any leftovers?

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seil zone 6b MI

At 3 feet apart it won't look like a hedge. I understand that that is what is considered the standard spacing but in the Austin catalogs they always say that for a fuller display to plant 3 plants in a triangle 18 inches apart. And Austins get big too. It depends on what kind of look you want, a continuous hedge or individual specimen displays.

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Well, I am sure impressed by all the help here. I read the posts everyday and felt I was learning so much about roses. I didn't know I would have such a huge undertaking so soon. I have never grown roses so I think having the knock outs is a good way to jump in and learn!

I hope to get some pictures of the before today. I trimmed them up yesterday to get all the dead roses off. I hope that was ok to do before planting.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, its beautiful out today in Chattanooga.


PS To the person who asked about the left overs, I will offer them to any neighbors who want them. I also am going to plant the yellow ones in the front of the house where a row of old azelas are growing in a planter up next to the windows. I think having color through the summer will be nice.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

The San Antonio Botanical Center has a bed of mixed color Knockouts consisting of the red, pink and blush, and it's gorgeous. Thought you might enjoy seeing a picture of them.

I think I'd be inclined to stagger the planting, or better yet put in groups of mixed colors, instead of putting them in a straight line; putting the double reds at the back between the groups since they tend to grow more upright.

They were very colorful and I liked it. Perhaps you might want to eventually plant some low growing blue salvias in front of them to make a nice contrast and tone down the color a bit.

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Oh my!!! How beautiful. So the reds will be more taller or upright? I think groupings would look nice. I just have to make sure we can get a riding lawn mower behind the bushes.

Thanks for the picture and the suggestion.


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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Julie, the Double red knock out is more tall and narrow in my experience. You could make the border straight to facilitate mowing and put salvias, etc. between the groups of mixed colors. Just an idea ...

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Thanks Roselee, the mowing is a big issue so we are going to keep the roses in a line but kind of stagger the dark pink, light pink and double knockouts so they are kind of like a wave. Think that will work? The reds may go in another area of yard. I took some pictures today to show what the project looks like.

My hubby rottotilled and then we put a pickup full of compost on top of that, watered and will rottotile again in a few days. I think at each end of the row of knockouts I will put a arbor and some climbers, kind of in a V shape. In front of the arbor I can plant some plants like you suggested, salvias, and other nice colored flowers. What do you think?

I know I have roses coming out of my ears. By the way, when we recounted the roses, we actually had 131 not 120!!!

I am pulling out the taller red knockouts and may just put the dark pink, lighter pink and double knockouts in waves.

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ilovemyroses(8 Dallas TX)

wow!!! that is impressive!! what a beautiful lot, and the roses are HUGE and healthy!! this is going to be beautiful!!

i think grouping them somehow by color/variety is good, that way it won't look like some have gone off...

whatever you do is going to be great. maybe even 'pool' the ends of the rows for a stronger statement, if that makes sense.

what a beautiful yard, i could see many many more roses in your future!!

congrats, and i love a man that rototills!! :)

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

Not that you don't already have your head swimming in thoughts and ideas.....

But what if you grouped a few reds (since they are taller) and changed the front of the bed to an undulating line to put some of the "extras" in front of the reds?

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Kippy-the-Hippy, what you suggested is kind of what I was thinking too. Kim also was knocking around this idea too.

Today hubby roto tilled again to get the compost in good. Its supposed to rain tonight sooooo...maybe Monday

Rose planting day!!!!

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I think Kippy has a great idea...and as mentioned earlier, maybe add in some salvias or even speedwell and lavender. The spiky purples will look great with the reds and pinks...yellow, too :)

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

Assuming they grow there, a front of daffs? gives you something green to look at in early spring (around here at least)

Dolz, take a hose and lay on the lawn in front of the tilled area and see what calls you for shapes.

My favorite part of the yard I did has some shape to it, not enough to slow a bobcat down should I need to get one through, but enough it draws the eye.

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I can't wait to see all of your KOs in Bloom! Just post some pics when they are planted and later when they bloom! Good Luck! Most of all sit back and enjoy all your hard work and what a wonderful Husband you have - Wow what a deal! :)

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Capeheart, Thank you! Yes my hubby is a sweetie, but I think he may cut back a little on his "bargains" after this major undertaking :)

84 roses are planted in back in 2 rows, mostly the dark pink knockouts, light pinks, and double pinks. I am taking some of the suggestions of folks on here and planting some nice flowers in front so the line does not look so straight. I am also going to put some arbors up at both ends with some climbers and clematis.

9 of the yellow knock outs will be planted in the front of the house along the driveway with some white tea roses.

6 of the knockouts that are a softer, lighter pink will be planted in the front of house under the windows with New Dawn, a climber and Colette, a climber on either side going up wall.

11 of the knock outs were given away. I still have a blaze, some white roses and a couple of others un named that I don't know what to do with yet.

I have taken some pictures of them in the ground (at last) and a very tired, weary husband!

I will take some pics when all is blooming, if they bloom this summer and will post them.

I have enjoyed reading all the posts written here, its such fun and I am learning a little bit more every time I come here.

I hope ya'll have a good weekend,


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120 roses is your husband quite mad and please for future reference refrain from using the word ''hubby'' to refer to your husband it is just not right

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Hissing at you meow98 :)

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