Faulty Sprinkler Zone Valve-Hydrotech K 6000

harborwindJuly 18, 2010

Hi everyone

I just noticed that my Hydrotech K6000 Valve(4 zone) is stucked in one of the zones with other words the same zone is beeing watered every time.If I spank the top of the valve couple times it goes to the next zone,but the thing is I can't stay next to it all day long and I hope somebody can help me out here.I cleaned out from inside I don't see any obvious chips in the cam or on the stem.what part can be bad? and sometimes it goes all the way around in zones but I can't rely on it 100%. thanks

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Hi HW,

I am a little puzzled by your description. To clarify I need you to answer some basic questions.

1. Is your system new?
2. Was it installed by Hydro-tech the irrigation company that installs name brand system components?
3. What brand and model is your controller?
4. How many zones (auto-valves) in your system.
5. What duration is the zone set for? The controller should read how much time is left watering the zone. Does this go to zero and the valve doesn't stop irrigating? What does the controller show when this happens?

It seems to me, and you can set me straight on this,that if there is a problem, it may be in the controller. Spanking the valve is never a good thing and probably caused the solenoid to shut the zone down prematurely. The valve is not the brains of the system, the controller is. JMHO Aloha

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