TORO Flo Pro 3 lead silenoid, replaceing with 2 wire.

gabeokc001July 17, 2006

I have a leaky Toro Flo Pro sprinkler valve. I have it identified as the silenoud and I have bought a 24volt replacement silenoid. BUT my im not sure exaclty how to wire the replacement. Printed on the old silenoid are 2 settings..? 180mah = IN-RUSH 220mah HOLDING. I think that is right, i dont have the old one in front of me. But the unit has three wires going into the valve silenoid. Looks like a series setup. The white wire "COMMON" continues on and the yellow wire terminates in the silenoid. So should i just conect the two white COMMON wires together with one of the replacement silenoid wires and then the yellow wire to the other?

I wanted to make sure i wasnt wiring the replacement wrong and then cause an electrical issue with another valve somewhere else in the yard.

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You're on the right track. Hook one of the leads from the solenoid to the 2 white wires and hook the other lead from the solenoid to the yellow wire.

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