rainbird 5000 adjustment

jasper60103July 31, 2007

Hi All.

Recently I installed a rainbird system and I would like to tweek some of the heads.

I have rainbird 5000 rotors. I would like some tips on how to adjust the "left" stop point. Setting the right stop point is easy, just a simple turn of a screw.

I find the left more difficult. You have to twist the entire shaft left or right.

The tech showed me how to do it when the sprinklers were running. He just grasped it firmly and turned it.

Later, when I tried, it doesn't seem to turn easily and I'm afraid I may break it. Also, the manual says you can take out the assembly and rotate to the desired set point, but this sounds like more trouble.

Can someone give me some pointers here?

Fyi. Ranibird 5000 Rotor Installation guide...




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It can be tricky for the layperson to make rotor adjustments. The most important thing in adjusting any rotor is to set the fixed side of the rotor FIRST. (with the RB 5000, the fixed side is the left stop) You may need a set of Channel Locks to turn the head to adjust the left stop. Once you're satisfied with where it stops on the left, THEN adjust the right side with the arc adjustment screw.

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One thing I noticed in the instructions after reviewing again.

They imply the water should be shutoff. Hence why they say "Pull up turret". FYI. I noticed the tech didn't shutoff the water first, but he's knows what he's doing.

Anyway, I think I could get a better grip if it's dry.

I'll call back my tech if all else fails.



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these heads have a left set area, in other words you have a set left sweep, you have this set then you adjust the right sweep with the screw

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I found the easiest way to adjust the left stop is to loosen the big nut (just a fraction of a turn) first. Then the shaft can be easily turned by hand. I wouldn't recommend using channel locks - it will easily damage the plastic shaft preventing proper pop up/down action.

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