Whatever Happened to the Larger Poulan Chainsaws?

pgtrNovember 22, 2010

Years ago back in the day I distinctly remember Poulan offered some larger chainsaws. I seem to recall 50cc and 60cc and 18 20 or maybe 22 in bars. The model # 3750 comes to mind (but I'm reaching way back in memory on that!).

Recently researching some saws on Poulans website and now I'm seeing their largest saws at something like 42cc or 46cc.

Can someone fill me in on recent Poulan history and when/why they seemed to have dropped their larger saws in their lineup?


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Because they never Marketed or Manufactuered those Saws back then Pioneer / Partner Saws Inc. were the supplier to Poulan for their Prosumer Product Line .

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pgtr: Pulled out some of my old Partner Saw Cat'l and cross referenced the Poulan 3750 to 1997. A 60 cc Pioneer/Partner Hold Over Power Head (Engine). 1984-88 Series Vintage with 18-22 inch Solid or Roller Tip Bars Available. The Saw Manufacturer was actually a Subsiduary Electrolux Manf Ltd from Canada orginally , which soon moved to Arkansas Assembly Plant in 1998 (Poulan Electrolux Inc.) . This was a one off Model and a bit of a White Elephant held over from the Parent Pioneer Inc. / Partner Ltd Days . A very durable Saw but the End was Near. Next came the Wild Thing and other Girly Saws of today that Poulan Sells at DDicount Box Store Prices . Sad , a far cry from the Proud Poulan Start back in 1947 with Bow Saws and Two Man 92 cc Monsters. As I said Previously the last Commercial or Professional Grade Saws that Poulan Manufactured and Sold to Serious Logers and Die-Hard Wood Cutters where back in 1984 trough 1988 ...Take it to the Bank Dude :)

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Thanks. I vaguely recall those larger Poulan saws (like the 3750?) from late 90s or so. Sears offered them under their name too. I did not know these were apparently re-branded from other makers. Thanks again

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No Problem Bro :) I love Vintage Magnesium Saws and the Smell of Castor Based 16-1 Oil Mix lol .

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