Black Spot is Making Me Frustrated and Sad

blheron(7 and 8)May 22, 2014

First time on the rose forum, and I'm guessing this subject had been overly discussed but I need help. I posted this in the PNW forum but got no responses. I especially need to hear from CHARLENEY!

I love roses and have had them for over 40 years. But, I pretty much gave up on them. The maintenance to keep the aphids and black spot under control was just too much. I bought them from JP and they are still fighting to make it after all these years with only pruning.

Last summer I purchased Bayer "All in One" (?) liquid concentrate. It was supposed to take care of insects, black spot/fungus, and fertilize. Unbelievable! My roses looked like the first year I planted them. So of course I went out and bought several more JP roses. BIG mistake. I continued to use the Bayer as directed, but had thick aphid colonies and leafless plants from black spot on all the new ones, and the old ones are now reacting the same way.

I called Bayer and they were very condescending and tried to put it all on me. (I followed the directions exactly) Only suggestion from them was to do an additional treatment--but ONLY one. Didn't help. BTW, they are planted in two different locations, miles apart.

Gave it another try this year, now it's in granular form, and see no difference. I just want to toss them all, but I love them all, and a big investment. The new roses are supposed to be disease resistant. I guess I'm just not supposed to have roses :o( .

Charleney--has the "Bayer Advanced Disease Control" continued to work on the black spot over time?

Am I doomed to have leafless roses with misshapen, aphid eaten flowers?

Sorry to go on, but needed a shoulder to sob on. I miss my roses I'd welcome *any* suggestions....


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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Hi Linda,

Not speaking for Charleney, but I haven't heard anyone complain that the Disease Control spray (tebuconazole only) doesn't work. It does work very well if applied every two weeks. You can wait until symptoms appear before using it..

Sprays are more effective than soil drench applications and use a small fraction of the amount of chemical. One concern with tebuconazole is that it can pass through very sandy soils into the ground water, so the amount you use could be significant. Also the insecticide in the All-in-One product is usually not needed, and it contains excessive phosphate fertilizer. In short, not a good product.

You probably are not going to believe me, but I have aphids every spring, do nothing about them, and they always go away without doing significant damage. Please try just gritting your teeth for one season and see what happens. Or at most, spray with soap, only on the heavily infested shoots. Insecticides will harm the beneficial insects and birds that are capable of bringing the aphids under contro

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toolbelt68 (7)(7)

I had a problem with aphids one year until I planted one of those grass plants that gets quite tall. What happened was a colony of Ladybugs roosted in the plant and ended up eating the aphids. That went on for a few years until there were no more aphids. Of course the grass plant sowed a ton of plants all over the yard so I removed it....grrrr Maybe something like that would work for you. Some folks on this forum release Ladybugs each year.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Usually, the aphids will be a problem only for a couple weeks at most. Then the good bug (like Lady bugs) will come along and eat 'em up--problem solved. Of course, if you have been spraying insecticides, you've probably killed off most of the good bugs--which is why you may have to stop the insecticides for a year. The next year, the good bugs should show up to help you. While you wait for the good bugs, you may have to manually get rid of the aphids for a while--gently run a finger and thumb up around a heavily covered bud. That will kill most of them there. If you are squeamish, the soap spray will help--until the good bugs come along and take over the job. Or some people use a stiff spray of water to flush the aphids off the buds.

If your blooms are getting all eaten up, I'd guess you have a different bug problem than an aphid problem. If it happens, take pics and show them to us here. Maybe we can help you figure our the problem and solution.

As far as fungicides go, most of Bayers products aren't that good or have some negatives built into them--my advice is to stay away from anything they sell that says all-in-one or three-in-one or anything like that. On the other hand, the Bayer spray called Bayer Garden Disease Control for Roses, Flowers, and Shrubs is excellent. Follow directions carefully, and everything should be fine after a couple sprayings.

Hope that helps.


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nickjoseph(5 Milwaukee, WI)

Hey, I've had 12 rose bushes along the south side of our house. I was told last year to use the Mancozeb spraying affected bushes 1x per week for 3 straight weeks at appearance of dreaded black spot. Our bushes were gorgeous last season, but typically around October--dreaded blackspot appears on many of the bushes. This stuff puts a yellowy powder on the leaves, but it seemed to help. If you water, try to water in the morning or afternoon when the sun can dry any leaves that get wet. We had a lot of rain last year, and the constant wet leaves pushed the blackspot out more than normal.
Regarding the aphids, I had a lot on a few bushes. I sprayed them off with the spray nozzle. They die easily. Then I checked for any living & squished them off, but the strong spray of water on them works well. Otherwise, find some ladybugs.

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nickjoseph(5 Milwaukee, WI)

I meant I sprayed them with WATER from the spray nozzle on the hose--not any insecticides.

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poorbutroserich(Nashville 7a)

I don't use chemicals. Like the others said, blasting with water really works. I ordered batches of ladybugs too. They really helped and now I am seeing their larvae everywhere.
I also ordered praying mantis pods that hatched. Try those methods and find roses that are resistant where you live. I have little blackspot and when it gets overwhelming I just live with it and enjoy the beauty of the flowers.
Good luck!

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charleney(8a PNW)

hey blheron...glad you came over here. I started coming here 8 or more years ago, and have learned so much from all here. Keep asking questions! Someone here always seems to come up with the right answers. Happy u have shown your zone. That is a big help. I am sure not a certified rosarian, by any means. I just (like so many others) can tell what has worked for me. Now for the APHIDS. So many have used a good spray of water to get rid of them. When I had a big infestation I used a sieve with all purpose flour and sprinkled especially the new growth. Okay, walk away! Come back in 15 or so minutes and hit them with a spray of water. I guess the flour sticks to their little sticky bodies, and suffocates them. The water will wash away anything unsightly. I am so pleased you are here. Keep asking everyone, and I am sure u will be pleased too. Love to You!

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buford(7 NE GA)

The Bayer all in one is not a great product. You have minimal blackspot protection and a lot of insecticide and chemical fertilizer. As others have said, aphids do not require insecticide. Just wipe them off or blast with the hose.

For blackspot, see if you can find the Bayer Disease Control. That is mixed with water and sprayed. It is very effective.

The only time I use the All in one is if there is a really bad infestation on a plant like lacebugs on an azalea. It's really overkill for aphids.

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seil zone 6b MI

I try not to use chemicals if I can because I don't like them for a number of reasons but when I get a really bad case of black spot through out the garden late in the season I will use it. I need my roses to go into winter healthy so they'll survive. I use the Bayer disease control only and it works very well. I never get multi products because they seem like a waste to me. I have black spot not insects so why spray for bugs I don't have? Besides you're probably killing off beneficial insects that could cause you to have a worse problem later. And I fertilize regularly so why add more that's not needed? Use the correct product for what ever the problem is and don't add a bunch of stuff you don't really need. Works for me!

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