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blueboy1977(TX9A/B)July 24, 2013

Im in the process of attempting to install drip irrigation to my blueberries. Ive only got 3 raised beds now that are 3ftx3ftx10in and 20 potted plants. Using rainwater with about 1200gallons of storage. I will be using a 1/2hp pump. Guessing about 75 drip emitters total at 1 gph each. Total lenght of pipe will be some where around 130ft of 3/4inch pvc ran in the ground. Ontop of that will be the maybe 30 ft of 3/4 poly tubing for emitters.

Will a 1/2hp pump supply enough water to only have one zone for all the emitters?

Do I really need a back flowpreventer/air siphion if automated valves and a check valve are in place? Do I even need one with rain water???

I have no first flush diverter on my rain system so the water is pretty dirty. Any suggestions on filtration?

Any controllers and pump start relays you can recommend and ones you dont trust or have problems with?

Any problems you guys/gals have had and what you would do different if you had it to do over again?

Anything else related??? Things Im not considering here???

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Let's see 20 plants at 1 gal per week equals 20 gallons per week. Assuming watering cycle twice a week that is 10 gallons per cycle. Storage capacity of 1,200 gal allows 120 cycles times 0.8 equals 96 cycles or say 100 cycles. Two cycles per week gives you 50 weeks. Your storage is more than adequate. So much so you will have to treat for mosquitoes. 1/2 HP centrifugal pump has a flow rate of about 35 gpm with low pressure. See link below:


Each cycle will take less than a minute but should be monitored and time should adjusted for actual health of the plants.

Your check valve is good enough in my opinion.

With drip you need good filtration or it will clog emitters. Thank about using 1/2" pvc pipe with 1/16" hole drilled in it for watering. You will not need to filter as good and less clogging. You can go back and re-drill hole if you need larger hole to reduce the pumping time. There are past threads in GW on this subject. JMHO Aloha

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