Sprinklers tired? Just decided to stop?

CEFreeman(DC/MD Burbs 7B)July 20, 2013

HI all!
In my very rudimentary watering system, I have 3 sprinklers on a timer. They've been running beautifully -- until we hit heat indecies of over 105. Then, they decided it was enough.

So, my question is what causes a sprinkler to just not function?

I have a regular, fan, back-and-forth type sprinkler on one hose. It doesn't back and forth now. Just clicks.

I have a great tri-pod sprinkler that was shooting water in all the right places. Well, it just stopped moving back and forth, and is essentially putting out a putt-putt squirt.

I have a tri-pod type sprinkler that actually sticks in the ground on a spike. It also decided not to move back and forth.

Now, my water pressure remains the same, as I can tell by the fan and the on-a-spike sprinkler.

What the heck causes sprinklers to stop functioning and how can I fix it? I have an extensive Japanese Maple collection (ok, OCD collection) and take their welfare very seriously. Any ideas?

Thanks so much,

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It does sound like a pressure problem. Especially since all three have have a problem at once. Could be a flow problem as well. That may be because an the automatic valve associated with the time is stuck partly open or won't open fully. Could be a number of problems. Start with measuring the pressure with an outdoor faucet pressure gauge. Let us know what the pressure is. Nest turn on your sprinklers by turning the solenoid at the valve. See if there is a difference. Do you run all three together from one valve or from three valves? If they are all on one valve then disconnect two of them and see if that improves the one still connected. Let us know what happens. Aloha

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