Husqvarna Chainsaw 455 won't start

GeeCogs(6)November 20, 2011

It's getting spark and I put some gas dircectly into the cylinder and replaced the plug and it didn't even sputter. It seems dead, but it does sound like it has compression. I put in a new fuel filter and spark plug and fresh gas. It worked well the last time I used it.

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Gee: All things equal if you have good compression and spark , then use some carb cleaner down the sparkplug hole and try again . If it does not attempt to start then either your compression is down or your sparkplug is not doing it's job . Your ignition module could be suspect ?

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I spoke with a friend who repairs chainsaws and he says he's seen this problem before and that cleaning the needle valve has worked for him. Careful removal of the H and L adjusters and counting turns so that they will be set right after cleaning is important. Then using carb cleaner to flush out the ports... I don't know. He agreed with the carb cleaner logic, but said for some reason the saws with this problem don't respond. We'll see tonight. Thanks

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Gee: Your friend is right most likely . Usually I recommend Carb Cleaner since it is pretty well fullproof in getting a saw to at least fire. Sometimes when fuel is used you may overprime and flood the saw , which may be the case . If it fires tonight with the carb cleaner then remove the H&L jets and clean thourghly with carb cleaner and reset to 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 out from seated. Not a bad idea to also add a ounce of fuel treatment (cleaner) to the fuel tank as well . Be sure to check all lines and fuel filter for proper tightness and no restriction . I would think you probably are using ethanol based fuel which can cause these problems seasonally without using Stabil prior to storage. Hope all goes well :)

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As stated in the previous posts, there could be any number of reasons why it it wont start. When an engine that was working fine suddenly wont start from one use to the next, the first thing I check is to make sure the muffler/exhaust is not plugged or restricted. A muffler port plugged by a mud dauber nest will give exactly the symptoms you describe.

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"put some gas dircectly into the cylinder" IMO this is very hard to get the right amount? usually too much will wet the plug and it won't fire due to the overriched condition unless you use and eye dropper IMO.

You best option when priming IMO would be to use carb. cleaner down the spark plug hole as suggested. pull the rope several times to wash out excess. spray, clean, and check gap of the plug. Plug the spark plug back in lay it on the head and pull the rope and look for the pretty blue spark if you haven't already? Now one or two second blast down the spark plug hole install the plug and try to start it. Should pop or rev up off the carb. cleaner if not I would check the compression release especially if the rope is easier or easier than normal during starting. I would do this couple of times before I gave up and went into the carb.

I don't like that cheap on and off switch on my husky (345) easy to have it off when you think it's on.

Agree key is don't let the saw set all spring and summer expecting it to start in the fall when you need it. something somewhere is clogging the fine passages in the carb. or the needle is stuck open flooding the saw (should be seen with wet spark plug and wettness out the muffler sometimes.

Even pulling the mixture screws and spraying pressurized carb. cleaner through them may not unplug it, dissassembly maybe in order to get to the idle curcuits and only welch plug will get to the idle, mid, and full jets. Usually above methods works though

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Well, Thanks for all the tips. I took it apart some and looked at the idle screws and decided my friend had made a lot more mistakes with this than I had so I put it back together and gave it to him. He said to call him Saturday for an update. He's very positive about the needle vale cleaning, but we all have something to learn. We'll see. I'll keep you posted. I hope to do some cutting this weekend!

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No luck on the needle valve removal and cleaning. Compression seems OK. Must need carb cleaning...

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No luck on the needle valve removal and cleaning. Compression seems OK. Must need deeper carb cleaning... I'm looking for clear diagrams. and instructions.

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Just wondering what the compression is on the saw? Your buddy have a tester?

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