changing hydraulic oil filter on log splitter

johnnytugs1(Jackson, N.J.)November 21, 2008

can someone give me the steps to change the filter? do i have to fill the filter with oil when replacing? after i unscrew the old filter will oil keep draining or not? it's a harbor freight/central hydraulic w/ 8 hp briggs (powerbuilt) motor. thanks,


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The oil is drawn thru the filter by a pump. You should only lose what's left in the lines. Some filters are mounted in a way that you don't lose any. Spin the old one off, lube the o-ring, and install...hand tight only. No need to fill it. Some of the larger automotive filters, that mount vertically, are pre-filled to keep the engine parts from spinning oil free during start up after an oil change.

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johnnytugs1(Jackson, N.J.)

oh great new's, nobody has a filter to replace this one. it's from harbor freight (central hydraulics) called h.f. and they have no clue where to get them. anybody have any thoughts.thanks,

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John, I would look on the body of the filter housing, see if there is a company name on it. Or call HF and ask who makes them for them. If that doesn't work, you might have to go to an auto parts store and try matching it. Good Luck

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dmullen(Southern CA)

If you go to an auto parts store, have them look under fuel filters.

My splitter is a different manufacturer (Craftsman) but they are available at NAPA and Kragens (for mine) but they are a 10 micron filter as opposed to an oil filter for an engine.

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turnage(z7a TX)

john, here's some numbers you can try: Wix 51551; Napa 1551; Fram P1653A. I get mine from Tractor Supply. If your hydraulic fluid wants to drain out when you remove the filter, you might be able to tilt the tounge high enough to stop it. Works on mine anyway.

The wix and napa #'s are 10 micron filters. Not sure about the Fram.

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dmullen(Southern CA)

Here is a link that might help

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