Chicago Electric 66133 Leaf Eater/Shredder from Harbor Freight

JamesMarconnet(7)November 5, 2011

I just bought a Chicago Electric Model 66133 Leaf Eater/Shredder from Harbor Freight. Price $99.99.

I was surprised that I was unable to find anything about this particular machine here using Search. So I'm starting this thread.

It's electric and uses short lengths of 0.080" string trimmer line to do the work.

I bought it to shred some CrepeMyrtle leaves in my back yard and hopefully some Canna stems and leaves that will soon be killed by the hard frost anyway.

In My Mantis Compost-Twin tumber, I tend to use grass clippings that my neighbors bag up for me! and cross-cut shredded newspapers, cardboard, etc. I'm hoping to be able to throw the grass clippings thru this shredder to de-clump them. We'll see.

One thing I've noticed already is that ear protection is a Necessity!

Also, I'm already considering adding some hardware cloth or something to the outlet to try for even finer shreddings.

Jim Marconnet

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Better protect yer eyes and face too! Those machines can throw some sharp things at ya, at speed! Rustyj.

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