Please direct me in choosing a mower/tractor

carress(z6 NY)June 8, 2014

I'm in the process of buying a 4 acre piece of property. Most of it is wooded, and I intend to clear an acre of that.
I also want to be able to plow with it. The driveway is a pretty steep incline, and the base is large enough to park 12 cars.

It would be nice if this thing could haul as that would be useful in my clearing the land and transporting materials around the place.

I've looked at John Deere's site, and it seems like the x304 or x324 might be good options, but I'm just a smart person making a slightly informed guess, so who knows?

I haven't looked at other brands at all.

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You need to be looking at subcuts (sub compact utility tractors), not lawn tractors like the JD X3xx, and add a decimal place to what you're thinking you will spend.

Good place to start are the Kubota BX series or John Deere 1 series in new models.

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I agree that the JD x3 series is too small, But you would be surprised what you could do with a JD X7 series, Yes a SCUT would be nice if you want to spend that much, Otherwise you could look for a good used JD X4 series also I think I would go with diesel.

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You might be surprised that if you equip a JD X7xx the same as a JD 1 series that the X7xx is more expensive.

And bang for the buck a Kubota BX eats the lunch of the JD X7xx for sometimes less $$$ equally equipped.

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