Generator oil-10w30 or 10w35 or 10w40??

yetty734December 15, 2007

realized how dirty the oil was with my powerback 5250 generator when i drained it hoping to fix the low-oil sensor problem. the genset has a sticker on it stating to use 10w30 but refer to the owners manual about cold weather operation(below 32). i use this about twice a summer for more then and hour or two(total of 10ish), and sometimes will use it for very exstended periods(week+) during the winter(2005 ice storm). i have at the moment 10w30 and 10w40 but was wondering if 35 even exists, and if it does is the happy medium best?

anyone know off the top of their head how much oil this bad-boy takes? if i remember right its 1.5 quarts???

thanks...hopefully new oil solves the low oil sensor problem to.


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canguy(British Columbia)

10W30 will be just fine. 10W40 is designed for diesel engines.If you experience very cold weather, below 15, use 5W30 for easier starting.

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If you have a Briggs engine, they recommend that you use synthetic oil. Use 5w-30 below 30 degrees and 10w-30 above. I just keep 5w-30 synthetic oil in mine year round. Never have any problems and I start it once every couple of months and let it run for about 30 mins each time. I plug one of those halagon floor lights into it. Since I bought mine, I think we lost power once for about an hour. Before we bought the generator, we would loss power a few times a month.

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put 10w30 in only if i didnt have a faulty low oil sensor....guess ill be checking oil a lot.

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If its a briggs use straight 30 weight in warmer months and 5w-30 in colder weather. Should hold about 36 oz.

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If you have ice storm, sounds like 5-30 be better. I think choosing synthetic is very important. Mobil 1 might be a good choice.

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5-30 Mobil 1. Problem solved.

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