Holelite Super XL Oil Problem

davidhomeliteDecember 28, 2013

I just bought a blue Homelite Super XL chainsaw with a serial number A0 20420326. I think this saw is from the end of the 1960s? It looks like it has hardly been used at all. It runs well and has a brand new bar and chain which I think were replaced because the saw was not oiling.
The problem with the saw is that it only takes 1 ounce of bar oil in the oil fill hole and none of that oil goes into the oil reservoir. About 2.5 inches below the cap there is a bottom that prevents oil from entering the reservoir. My dad's saw has a clear path into the oil reservoir under the oil fill cap. I was able to get oil in the saw by threading out the oil pickup right behind the oil fill hole and pouring it in that hole. Once I did that and there was oil in the reservoir the saw oiled fine.
I can get some pictures if that would be helpful.
Is this common? Could it be a casting mistake from when the saw was made? Maybe it is the reason the saw was never really used.

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A good close Pic or some will be helpful to see this matter before I can comment. Sounds Interesting!

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Here are the pictures of the oil fill hole. Note the oil pick up hole just behind the fill hole does go all the way into the oil reservoir. The oil fill hole is just under 2.5 inches deep and takes less than an once of oil to fill. Could this be a casting error? Just seemed odd that no one would have fixed this problem in the last 40 plus years the saw has been around.

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The depth of the fill hole.

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This picture shows where the bottom of the oil fill hole is.

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1.1Have you looked good for restrictions between the two?
2..Is there an access (side cover Eic) to the area that will give you a full view?
3..Have you found a parts diagram that might show where an opening should be?
4..Can you modify w/o damaging or leaking?
5.The fellow that helped me to get started late 60s, told me to manually oil the bar if needed (due to oil pump restrictions/failures).

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