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rosemintJuly 11, 2014

Can someone tell me if this bid sounds reasonable?
It's for a new sprinkler system for my lawn. I'm keeping the existing parkway sprinklers, and hooking them up to a new timer.

"Front Irrigation: Install new valve and run new sprinkler line to feed front grass. System will consist of plastic valve and schedule 40 pvc supply line to feed three inch pop-up Toro sprinklers. Total of 10 sprinklers to water front lawn. $470.00

Timer Install: Install new irrigation timer on garage. Run sprinkler wire from valve to new timer. $425.00

The timer is an Irritrol R-series which will be placed next to the power outlet near your garage door. The timer is simply plugged to the closest power source. The wire will run under your house, in thru the vent near the valves and out the vent near your chimney. A small hole will have to be drilled to your garage wall to pass the wire through. Price includes connecting new two valves. I am not sure how far the valves are from the controller but it will be about 60 line feet.

We will use 3" Toro pop-up sprinklers with standard nozzles, align and adjusted. The pipe will be 3/4 schedule 40 pvc pipe buried at 8 inches. Controlled with plastic 3/4 rainbird valve and an Irritrol R-series controller."

What do you think?

Also, is it important that a company be licensed to do this job? Thanks in advance!

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Irritrol is a good company.

And yes, probably better that they are licensed.

So 900 to do your whole system? Each of those parts can get costly... Have you purchased any of the parts including your timer? Or are they doing that?

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Thanks, irrigirl. The price is for parts and labor.

I'm just wondering if ten sprinklers can run on one valve?

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If the company is licensed then you trust them. If things go wrong, they will return and fix it at no charge. But make sure they have checked the flow rate and pressure of your system? Also they should know the flow rate and pressure rating for for the sprinklers they have suggested. The 10 sprinkler's pressure or flow rate added together should not exceed 80% of your system flow rate or pressure. Let us know what they say.
Aloha and GL.

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Thanks, lehua13. I just emailed them that question.
I'll let you know.

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If your having just one zone with 10 heads on it you need to ask them what the total flow in gallons per minute that zone will be running. I would be skeptical, in that they are planning on using 3/4' sch. 40 pvc. Unless they are using some of the newer lower precip. nozzles, I dont see how they are going to keep the velocity within reasonable limits nor the pressure losses.

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As quote says "right on the money". Aloha

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As quote says "right on the money". Aloha

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Thanks, homr.

I'll ask them that too; I haven't heard back on my
previous question yet.

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Here's what they said:

"To answer your question i did not measure the pressure rating at your house. The estimate was based on the visual inspection of the current system you have. The nozzles i quoted for you are the Torro 570 nozzles 12â series. for these nozzle the GPM at 30 PSI measures: .81 for quarter circle, 1.52 for Half circle, and 2.69 for full circle."

Comments, please!

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How can one accurately quote without a static pressure reading?? If , based on his numbers all the heads are quarter circle, then 10 heads x .81 gpm = 8.1 gpm flow. That alone is just outside the industry standards for flow in a 3/4" sch. 40 pipe. How likely is it that they would all be quarter circle?? If they are all half circle then 10 heads x 1.52 gpm = 15.2 gpm flow which is way out of line. Pressure loss per 100 ft. is around 18psi at that flow. Knowing the static pressure is important for that reason alone. Forget it if you add any full circles to the mix. There are other variables that affect how much water can be run but we do not have that info because we can't see the site. Based on what info you have given, I do not see this zone as operating very well. We generally do not run more than 8 gpm on a 3/4 pvc line and the conditions have to be right. High flow rates in a small diameter pipe bring along other problems such as water hammer noise.

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Thank you, homr.

I know absolutely nothing about this stuff, and I appreciate
your explaining it so thoroughly. I guess I'll keep looking
for a contractor. This is at least my fourth bid,
and no one has ever mentioned or measured the pressure. :(

I hope it's appropriate for me to ask you...and please
don't be offended...but are you a professional? I'll follow
your advice in any case, but I was just curious.


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Yes, have been irrigation contracting for 28 years. IA certified and licensed. Also State licensed. ME degree with experience in designing fire sprinkler systems prior to going into business myself in irrigation. May I suggest that you check your local irrigation assoc. if there is one or check the National Irrigation Assoc. ( Try to locate someone who does only irrigation and can give you good references. California has some strict standards for irrigation and you want to find someone who will do a proper job. A improper design and installation is a lifetime of repairs and headaches. If it's done right, you will only have general maintenance. Good luck!

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I'm very impressed. Thank you for taking the time
to share so much information and advice!

I'll check the link you suggested.

Thanks so much again!

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