creosote sweeping logs

freedomeagle(7)December 10, 2011

Was wondering if anyone has ever used these and how effective would they be in my Buck wood stove?

Thanks and Merry Christmas to everyone

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We use them in both fireplaces. I think they say to burn one in every sixtieth fire. I hope they work, but we don't really have practical access to our chimneys to inspect them.

Merry Christmas

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Have you tried shooting a picture "in the blind" without seeing your subject. This has worked well to document my cleaning before and after and the need almost yearly. I do have it fairly easy to get good Pics since I only have 60" of 14" inside dia pipe. I have access to from the roof with it�s cap off. I basically shoot multiple pics from inside the firebox up the chimney and inside the firebox that is about 6� high inside. I can extend my body inside the bottom of the firebox but that is not comfortable compared to blind shots that have worked on a 2 of 5 being good defining shots.

My cleaning is with an extended wire brush vs a log which I plan to try and document with before and after pics. Since the mid 70s I h/n seen what I felt was creosote vs soot that easily sweeps out. I had planned to try to burn what I am calling soot plus I felt if it were creosote it would burn in the firebox vs collecting "Correct"? loger

Please excuse me if this is a double post due to not seeing the 1st over a hr later.

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The old timers used to use a white chicken and a black chicken to clean and check their chimneys!
First, they'd send down through the chimney, a black chicken, with a rope tied to its legs. They'd then pull it up and untie it, then send down a white chicken, and pull it up, to see if they needed to send down another black chicken!
My Great Grand-paw told me that method worked quite well! He said it made the chickens testy, but didn't harm them, and it got the chimney clean! rj ;0)

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Just have it professianlly cleaned once per season.

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