1/4 or 1/2 toro tubing for 8X4 raised bed

frodiggs(7)July 2, 2011

starting my first raised bed and wanted to explore the toro blue srtipe tubing system. bed is '8X'4 x '2.5 high. The location gets 5-6 hours or direct sun. summers are 80-100 here.

1/4 tube looks really thin. should i do 1/2? Home depot has more stuff for 1/2. there is a boxed kit that has some flag micros etc.- thought of adding something to get water up top as well.

ideally i'd love to flip a lever and have my nutes added from a bucket or sorts on demand. might add a timer, not sure if they have that skip days. i.e. water every other day.

anyway wanted some feedback on the tubing size. raised bed is taller than most and with the slight gaps inthe wood i think it'll dry out much faster. TIA

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Raised beds are not that high, at least, not enough to worry about. 2.5 feet high equates to a drop in pressure of 1 psi. Here is some product data for Toro blue striped irrigation tubing. It as some UV protection which is a plus and good pressure ratings. You might only be able to purchase it in 500 foot lengths. There is a tube with emitters built in but they were 18" apart. You may find tubing with closer spacing. Check this link.



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Two options you have are the 1/2" line with 1/4" lines going to each plant or you can connect the 1/2" line to a 1/2" line with built in emitters for the bed itself. netafim makes lines with emitters at 6",12",18" and 24" spacing. You can check all their products at http://www.netafimusa.com

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