Color coding wrenches

tomplumDecember 11, 2010

I like to color code the GearWrenches that I use all the time. Gas oil etc seems to make short life of whatever paint, coating , decal I use. I thought of the dip stuff, but would only like to mark the body of the wrench- and of course not cover the size marking. Would this work w/o peeling away? Other thoughts?

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One thing that would work well is colored shrink tubing, if you can find a large enough diameter.

I don't know who decided that laser etching wrench sizes was a good idea, but even on my Snap-on gear wrenches, I can barely make out the sizes.

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I use to be able to tell most sizes by looking the size, but in my older age and after my brain tumor removal I have harder time. I like the heat shrink idea, beings I'm not going to buy new wrenches anytime soon.

Newer Craftsman tools has made their numbers sizes larger and easier to read for old tired eyes. I use red dye on the first tooth when I shapen My chains saw chains cause I freget how many I've done. I hate getting older every thing becomes more challanging, ewen tyyping!!

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Quote: I hate getting older every thing becomes more challanging,

I'm averaging one funeral a month, how about you RC?

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Back when I was 'in the business', I
riveted those 'brackets' into my wrench
drawers. All the wrenches are arranged
in order, according to size. Another
bonus is that you can tell if they are
all there, at a glance, when you close
up shop for the day.

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Hmmmm, heat shrink. Hot idea! Will get back to you on how it worked. Thanks for the suggestions so far.

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I spend some time this afternoon giving the wrenches a good cleaning and getting the remainder of the old paint off. I'm basically sorting through some stuff and making up a tool carrier. It's amazing how old some of the tools are that I use alot. Like 35 years old and going strong. I ended up buying a new set of the standard gear wrenches as ACE hardware are selling them so cheap this year. $10 for a 6 wrench set. My other set has been used for 10 years now and not ever a problem with the box end. I think the open ends on these are well enough, but could be better. All are ceratinly usable. Lose one, and it is over $10 to replace it.

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For us that have military experience we know about shadowing tools for easy access and inventory. Hard foam works pretty good. You lay you wrenches or sockets in the order you want, them trace around them, and cut out. Be amazed how need and orderly it looks, but when space is a problem and over abundunts of tools it may not be feasable?

I know there is alot of brain washed Ideas that are drilled into my head. Covering openings when preforming maintenance is another bad habit I have. especially for us that has dropped something where it's not suspose to be!

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Good Morning Mr. Plum. Apparently this
is related to your recent search for a tool pouch.
What did you finally wind up getting?

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"What did you finally wind up getting?"
Well, I ended up getting a Husky open topped tool carrier to try. Size wise, it will have to be tucked inna different spot. My day started off cleaning up the wood shop and my next mission is to take my "cleaned" tools and see what happens. Very skeptical.
When I did something similar before, I took a big Stanley tote and totally adapted it. Well, almost. the things I did to it reinforced and allowed it to be organized quite well. The plastic handle would lift alot- let's say a 3 beer case rating. But push down off the handle as you get up once and...
So, my thought would be to make one out of cabinet steel. Gives me an excuse to play with the wire feed and cutter I picket up last winter and do something creative for a change. We'll see....

Here is a link that might be useful: Agent orange

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I like the idea about the heat-shrink tubing. It comes in several different colors.

Also, have any of you ever used the dip-type tool coatings? I think it's PVC. Don't know how well it would work with tools like combo wrenches, but it's available in several colors, too.

Google for it using terms like tools, dip, and coatings.

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Baylee "I'm averaging one funeral a month, how about you RC?"

They have tapered off for me about everybody gone. Looking down the road and I'm NO. 3 or 4!

I've still got some of my orginal first set of Globable master wrenches I brought when I was 12 from the local small town hardware store. 47 years ago believe it or not I only broke one 9/16" open end try to break a alt. mount bolt loose. Lost some but still got most of them.

I also have my first .22 Revelation 100 single shot bolt action rifle from the same hardware store. It cost me $12.95 new. could got the soda straw 18 shot for 18.95, or the automatic for 22.50. but I figured I only needed one shot!!!!!!.

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I still use Craftsman hand tools that i bought back around 1948-49, right after i got out of Army. Most of the better tools are Mac, or Snap-on. Depended which tool truck came around the shop. When Metrics started, i bought a lot of deep and shallow MM sockets at the flea market, a Friend had a shop there, and he guaranteed them to be good. They are-still! I got several size of 1/2 inch drive ratchets a couple years ago for Christmas, from my son. And, the only Chinese thing i have, that lasted and works well is the hand sledge that removes flywheels and other things that a lighter hammer won't budge!

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I couldn't figure out getting heat shrink that would work w/ the larger wrenches. If someone does it, let me know. What I ended up doing is using the multi-color Plasti-dip kit. I mixed 5 different colors plus black. I brushed the color on the center 2-3 inches of each wrench, then also painted the size on in black and then put the clear dip over that. We'll see how it holds up.
I also figured out that tool bags aren't for wrench heads. Too narrow, too frustrating. I ended up making a tiered carry all that turned out slick enough out of something else.
It's been a while since i've seen a Globable wrench. Have some Thorsen socket tools left...

Here is a link that might be useful: Plasti-dip

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Been so long since I seen one I misspelled the name, GLOBEMASTER. The 19/32's may of been my first metric size wrench? cira 1963

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That's them! I'll have to dig though and see if I accidentally have one.

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I got sum labeling system from Colortraktools on line.

best Idea I have found. and they resisted brake fl lq thinner and grease 15. bucks does 100 metric and standard sockets and wrenches..way better than the shrink rapp

Here is a link that might be useful: you tube

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Yah I do spend alot of time looking for the right socket now-a-days . My gear wrench handles 4 sizes

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NEWS FLASH! Color coding your tools for quicker recognition of tool sizes will not decrease your attractiveness to the opposite sex!

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