Soaker hose vs. other drip irrigation methods

bgaviator(7)July 19, 2010

I was at Lowes the other day and bought a 75 ft long soaker hose. I thought I would just run this along the base of my tomato plants.

I have also been doing a lot of research on drip irrigation using the plastic tube lines with drippers attached.....would drippers placed just where each tomato plant is be better, or will this soaker hose do just fine?

Also, I bought a digital hose timer...but I am not sure for tomatoe plants how many times a week, and for how long I should run it using this soaker hose. Thanks..

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Mr. Big Aviator,

To fly you need to know the pressure and flow rate(gpm) of your water source. Otherwise you are flying in the dark without instruments. If you need help to get that info let me know, I can help. Aloha

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I use drip tape I purchased at . Their tech reps are very helpful and patient.

It has an emitter every 12 inches. I space the tape 12 inches apart. This is enough to water most everything I grow, although in hot weather, the germination will be sparse or slow between the emitters. Each emitter drips .4 gallons per hour.

Here is a picture I took in May:

The system costs about 10 cents a square foot to set up.

I don't use a timer, but I'd recommend one simply to turn it off if you forget.

If you want help off the forum, email me at . Please use a subject that includes the words drip irrigation so I don't confuse it for spam. It will help to have a picture of your garden.

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