Outdoor Planter Irrigation?

kkranzoJuly 10, 2011

I was wondering if anyone could help me with this...

I have two outdoor planters in the front of my house. We have just moved in and I am going to plant some flowers in the planters. However, I am trying to figure out what this pipe is (see photos below) that is in one of the beds.



Is it for some kind of watering? I can't find anywhere where it would turn on. Does anyone know what this is for?


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If it was made from PVC pipe I would say it is a bubbler and would be controlled from your controller but it is made out of what looks like a threaded black iron pipe which makes me think it might be a gas line but for what? Some kind of torch or maybe under some kind of BBQ set up. But why so low and close to the house. Could be a vent from your stove. Best Bet, have a plumber check out where it goes up inside the wall and goes into your attic space. Go into the attic and see if you can see a iron line coming from that wall edge across your attic to another wall that may have a valve somewhere. Hope someone can recognize it specifically because I am getting brain damage from guessing. JMHO Aloha

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