OK to cap off a inground sprinkler head???

jaansu(6)July 19, 2008

Due to changes in our garden, I have a couple of sprinkler heads that are unneeded. Can I just take out the sprinker head and just cap it off? What I wonder about is that water would not be expelled from that line when the system is blown out at the end of the season and that the water would freeze and break the line. Or should I extend the line up, cap it and remove the cap when it is time to blow out the lines?

Similarly, I have 'lost' one of my sprinkler heads - it did not come out this spring and I don't know close enough where it is. No wet ground to give a clue either. Will abandoning this head give the same problem as above?

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davidandkasie(Z8 MS)

it won't hurt to cap them off. even if they are at hte end of the line the air will blow enough water out of the lines so that if it freezes it should not harm the pipe. if they are not a the end of the line, then it really won't matter cause the water will blow right past them.

as far as the lost head, it must be clogged or you would see the wet spot. again it should not really hurt.

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I have a follow up question regarding your post. I also have unwanted sprinkler heads that I would like to cap off. I would also like the ability to use them again, although I have no plans to do this. I have a Toro GreenKeeper system. Can I buy some sort of screw on cap that takes the place of the screw on sprinkler Heads?

Also, my system has so much pressure that much water is wasted by a high pressure mist that gets blown away and evaporates into the air. Can I reduce the pressure or buy other heads to prevent this?

Thank you very much.

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You can reduce the pressure with a pressure regulator. You can also check out this link about capping off a sprinkler head: http://www.doityourself.com/stry/how-to-cap-off-a-sprinkler-head.

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