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lsimms(6a-6bMA)May 5, 2012

Is it possible to get canes to root? Roses might be totally different from other plants, but I can take a low-lying cane from another plant, say a hydrangea, and get roots to form.

Most plants are grafted, but are the new "groundcover" roses rootable?

Wacky question.


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If you can bend a cane to touch the ground, bury a short length of it about 1 inch under the soil, (so that the very end of it is sticking out), put a brick on it so that it stays buried, and wait. DO NOT detach it from the original plant. Cut back the end part sticking up to about 6 inches from where it is buried under the brick. Check it periodically. When the end part is showing a lot of new growth (might take a year or so), you may have roots under the brick. Then you can cut the attachment from the mother plant, and dig up the new plant with roots, and pot it up. I have done this several times with great success - but it does take a lot of time. Once lately my Le Vesuve rose did this all on its own (didn't use a brick), and I was able to dig up the new plant, which is now happily growing in a pot.


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