Water softener drainage problem

squirrel_girlJuly 18, 2006

I just found out that our water softener in our new house sends salty waste water (after it cycles)through drain tile out to the woods that are in the back yard. The guys in my family tell me older systems used to send the waste water into the septic system, but the new ones don't because the salt hurts the septic's longevity.

The tree that is closest to the outlet is unhealthy. The neighbor's outlet has prevented EVERYTHING from growing in a 2'X 30' patch downhill.

How do we collect this salty waste water (40 Gal) produced weekly and prevent it from reaching the soil?

How do we reverse the damage done to the soil where it has been dumping?

Thank you for helping to save my trees.

Squirrel Girl

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the quickest way to reduce the salt concentration is to flush with lots of fresh water. Do you think you need soft water? In our area the water isn't that hard and I generally remove the system. soft water is generally used for washing.

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Thank you for the response. It looks like flushing the system with more water will be the plan.

Unfortunately, without the softener, our plumbing fixtures and toilet get a thick deposit of scale in no time. My husband is especially worried about the scale that may be forming in the pipes where we can't clean it.

Thanks for the suggestion to flush with more water.

Squirrel Girl

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Although the damage cannot be undone, using different water softening systems would help. The best is to check out the website given in the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: water softening systems

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Here is my $0.02. Sending the flow from the softener system to a large raised barrel to dilute it with rainwater/municipal water before sending it to the woods. Also maybe sending it to more than one location after dilution would lessen its impact. How much and how frequent of an amount are you experiencing? Aloha

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