Central FL Mystery Tree - Hardwood with Seed Pod

jarrodApril 9, 2010

Having trouble identifying this tree. Not sure if it is an ornamental/invasive/non-native ???

Small leaves, grey bark, barely fissured (thin) 40 feet tall? has large green seed pod - pear shaped, fleshy like an avocado, seeds like a milkweed and a sticky/oily/milky white substance inside pod. very weird. found in Apollo Beach area of Florida.

Here are some photobucket links to pictures of the tree and seed pods.






Here is a link that might be useful:

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check lead tree, or Leucaena leucocephala images on line and see if that's it

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dsieber(z5 (Lakewood CO))

Lead Tree seed pod descriptions sound more like an acacia vs the fruit shaped photo posed.

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