High pitch squeel from drip irrigation line

Flash48(9B)July 22, 2014

HELP Please: My drip irrigation line is producing a loud high pitch sound. I have a 3/4 inch PVC line that has Rainbird XBD-80 8 outlet manifolds located at 7 locations along the run of PVC pipe. Pressure flow at each manifold is controlled by a 30 psi pressure regulator. Of the 8 outlets in each manifold, I am using an average of 5 outlets per manifold. Water flow to the plant is through Rainbird 5 gph pressure compensating modules (emitters). As soon as the system turns on, the squeal noise starts and it is coming from the manifolds. I have tried cleaning the filters in each manifold and have replaced the emitters. Water flow is fine but the sound is driving me bonkers.
Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Pressure is too high before it gets to the pressure reducer for the drip line.

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jean001a, you are absolutely spot on with your reply. Thru the process on elimination I ruled out the filters and emitters so the pressure regulator had to be the source of the noise. It is designed for an inlet pressure of 15-60PSI. My line pressure is 80PSI. I have installed a commercial grade basket filter with 40PSI regulator in line right after the anti-syphon valve and the squeal is gone. I tip my favorite garden hat to you for your help.

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