How can I remove broken spray head?

ginjjJuly 29, 2005

Rather than digging up the entire body I'd like to try and just remove the broken spray head. The top broke off, leaving the part that screws in. Problem is that it will no longer pop up at all. It just shoots a stream of water straight up. Any hope?



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Sounds strange LOL ... I'm confused.

If you replace everything besides the body of the head all should work well .. don't * forget * you need to add a nozzle as well.

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I just checked the proper words for what I'm talking about. The "spray nozzle" has broken off leaving it's base inside the "pop up". I need to get the bottom half of the spray nozzle off before I can screw on another spray nozzle. I've tried using a needle nose plier with no luck. Do I need to dig down and replace the entire pop up or can anyone recommend a way to try and get the broken piece off?

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I don't know ofcourse what kind of pop up spray head you have but in general the top will srew off and then you can remove all the inside parts .. leaving the base in place ... most of the time this works if the bottom is not damaged.

A hint : an old serrated knife or pruning saw can be used to cut grass away from the head .. making room so you can get one or two Channel lock wrenches in to loosen the top of the head.

If the base is also damaged sometimes you can unscrew it from the nipple below .. without digging a hole ( but it's a tricky move ) ... add the base only and flush it out then add back the top and nozzle.

Sometime though you just have to dig the darn thing up.

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It's a Toro spray head and yes, the top has broken off leaving only the base which is flush with the top of the pop up. If I could get something inside to grab what's left of the spray head!

Thanks for the advice.


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Turn on the system and flush it out !!!! LOL

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