JD walk behind tiller need help....

exmarDecember 4, 2011

Hi Folks,

Got a freebie, it's a JD walk behind tiller, Model R624D, Ser 030297 with a Tecumseh H60 (may be HH shround badly rusted) 7538(or 9)9J Ser 4289J. Will try to post pics if I can get this thing to work.

The tiller was found behind a trailer a tree had fallen on it and it had sat there for a couple of years, rain, snow, etc. Doesn't look too bad and I was looking for a winter project anyway.

I tried to find a Tec engine ID description, but all I found was for engines manufactured after 2004? The engine doesn't appear to be seized, pulling the starter rope, it started to turn and then stopped as several generations of mice nests are packed solidly in the cowling apparently jamming the flywheel.

As best I can determine this tiller was '70's or early '80's and is "built like a Deere," Sucker weighs a ton! Has a worm gear drive for the tines with a power reverse.

Anyone have one of these or familiar with them?

Thanks for your time,


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OK here it is

Here is a link that might be useful: JD tiller

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Several companies made worm gear tillers in the 50's 60's and 70's. Appears similar to an Ariens model of that era.
Here are a few links dealing with that model. http://lawnandgarden.manualsonline.com/ex/product/headline/m/john_deere/d/tiller/p/R624D/type/product_problem/
That vintage Tecumseh probably has points and condenser. If everything cleans up well including the carburetor, clean up the points and set them and it should go. The drives are simple and seldom have a simple fix if they go bad.

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If the old Tecumseh engine does not seem out of time, I w/n move the coil unless you mark the location well. A Briggs was no challenge to time but Tecumsehs ate my lunch with the proper tools. I had the dial indicator that fit in the spark's hole to measure BTDC degrees and etc and timing specs. Some Monsters Still Kicked Back, trying to take my arm. I always got them timed with a little Trial & Error and was my arm Thankful.

Tecumsehs were very good hard running engines IMO and I felt that was due to close timing specs. I can possibly dig up some old specs if needed. loger

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Thanks for the responses.

I discovered that the engine was built in '74, and that the gear drive takes 85-90W oil. I have two smaller tillers (mantis and sears) with worm gear drives and both take "exotic" grease, lubriplate in one and I forget what the other calls for.

I really don't need this, as in addition to the small tillers have a rear tine, and a front tine as well. However the idea of bringing back a 40 (almost) year old JD is intriguing.

Loger, you hit it dead on. If I get far enough and it needs timing, I'll take it to a small engine shop which has the proper stuff. I "once" timed a tec and my arm still hurts when the weather changes....:-)

The ironic thing about this is it has less than 50 hours on it. So, assuming that the field mice haven't totally destroyed everything under the cowling it should be possible to get running without a major investment other than my time, being retired, I have a lot of that....

Thanks again,


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