Mixing Hydraulic Fluids in Wood Splitter

jerry_njDecember 2, 2011

I have a new electric log splitter, light duty, only 4 tons. It holds 3.5 quarts of hydraulic fluid and the manual lists several acceptable hydraulic fluids for changing the fluid every 150 hours. Examples are Shell Tellus 22 and Mobil DTE 11. The manual does not indicate what the unit was shipped with.

If I need to add oil to the factory load can I just use one of the listed, or is it unwise to mix different brand fluids? The manual also says "equivalent" oils may also be used, but I have no idea how one determines equivalent. Perhaps any jack oil rated at greater than 4 tons would be acceptable oil.

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Shell Tellus 22 and Mobil DTE 11 are the same exact oils.

SHELL TELLUS OIL S2 V 22 is an ISO 22 weight oil and any brand of ISO 22 hydraulic oil will work fine. When you change it. You can also go with a heavier oil such as ISO 32 which is easier to find at auto parts and farm supply stores.

I have never heard of changing hydraulic oil after X number of hours. For it never goes bad unless it is heated beyond 350 degrees for an extended period of time. We have ran heavy equipment almost 24/7 in mining operations for ten to twelve years and never changed the hydraulic oil in them. Filters yes. But never the oil.

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