Troy-Bilt/Tecumseh engine RPM?

tnriderDecember 1, 2008

I recently picked up a very nice Troy-Bilt Horse tiller, with the HH60 Tecumseh 6 HP engine. It needed carb work, and someone had stretched out the governor spring and messed with the high speed throttle stop. I have put everything back to original parts, and need to know the max no load RPM so I can set the stop properly. I want the max performance, but do not want to overspeed the engine. I have the Tecumseh service manual, but it does not give RPM numbers, making reference to a microfich card, which I do not have access to. Does anyone have this information available?

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

All forward speed are given at 3000 rpm so engine speed be 3000 rpm's. Overspeeding give problems with engine oil going to dry type filter that turn into high speed fuel ratio promblems. At rows end always cut throttle back to slower engine speed.

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I believe the HH60 will be "redline" at 3600 RPM's,the killer of these engines was the angle of the motor to the tiller and poor or lack of oil for lubrication have a splash lubricated engine with a dipper attached to the connecting rod) that moves the oil .....use a good quality 30 weight oil ,and you should have no issues ....the biggest problems with Tecumsehs on the Troy-Bilts was w/o a bumper the carbs would get busted off by a vertical object like a fence post .....BTW there was a paper airfilter for these engines and a oil soaked one also ,I always liked the oil soaked because of the dusty conditions they worked in.....the tranny will take 90-140 weight oil ...keep the rear seal area clean by dropping the tines from time to time to scrpae the packed dirt from the seal area ....the same goes for the wheel axle seals ....and if you can remove the rims from the axle and never seize the axle and rims so they do not rust/bond to the axle .....Have a ball Jim

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Desperately need ignition wiring schematic for the HH60 Ignition System. I replaced points, condenser, and gaped points at .020. Still, no spark. Got major problem. Need help, please. LB.

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