Looking for a Mag for a Tec H60

exmarDecember 25, 2011

Hi Folks,

Tec H60-75389J on a JD 624 Tiller. Trying to bring the Tec back to life but can't get a spark. Points are clean and gapped to .020. Coil reads 2300 ohms on the secondary, primary is a "short" at least that's what my old Simpson 260 reads, but that's normal in my experience. There was a lot of rust on the stator and magnets in the flywheel, sanded that off and generally cleaned it up. I'm concerned about the laminated strips in the stator, lots of rust and some separation, "shouldn't" make a difference as it works by magnetism, but.... The spark plug lead does look kind of ratty, but clipping on the test leads and wiggling, the 2300 ohm reading was steady.

So, I found a replacement coil for $40 online plus S&H, the primary could be shorted, but again, the reading is normal in my experience. The stator is not available anywhere that I can find. did find the complete Mag on ebay for $50, plus S&H, It's "new" but the pic shows a lot of surface rust from laying on a shelf.

I can buy a chinese engine which will bolt up at Northern or Harbor for $149 (periodically $99 on sale) and those have been used very effectively in repowers. Much as I want to bring the Tec back, I don't want to invest that much in parts only to end up with a 40 year old boat anchor.

Wondering if anyone has a Tec mag or at least the stator from an "H" available? Alternately, any diagnostic ideas which I may have missed would be appreciated.

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The points are fine, how is the condenser? Most Points and condenser stock is actually NOS. An electrolytic condenser may leak just because age has allowed it to corrode its case. Just sitting there on a shelf. Just one last thing to try before spending big bucks

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I replaced the condensor as the old one was looking very rusty. Interestingly enough, the old one checks fine with a meter-large capacitor action.

Maybe I'll just "part it out" and offer on ebay to help pay for the repower. I saw a tank for this on ebay for $65 whcih was primarily rust?

Thanks for the response.


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