"Flexible" pipe or other idea for watering slanted ivy section?

agoldenbeeJuly 9, 2013

Hi all,

I'm looking for some guidance on how to deal with a problem I'm having. Well two problems actually.

There was a galvanized pipe run with 5-6 sprinkler heads to water the ivy below. The connection was to PVC below which was a problem. It was causing a lot of water collection and it seems there was a crack which then completely broke. Of course there isn't any drainage there but the leak didn't help.

Because of the ivy roots eventually pressed on the pipe and hence pressure on the single connection joint, I want to use some sort of flexible pipe into the ground so it can move slightly with pressure. Also, I'd like to run the same pipe horizontally if possible, with the vertical risers secured somehow so they are stable.

Any ideas on a product? Or is there a better solution to water this area?

I found this on Home Depot's site but not sure how thick this pipe is.


Is there a good 3/4 inch flexible pipe product? I know they make good pipe of spa-type solutions but not sure what to buy or where.

Also, what would you use to secure the vertical riser part (like 2 feet)? I was thinking of just hammering in rebar or metal rods and then using wire ties to secure them?

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I thought others would come up with some good ideas before know because mine would be the standard fair. Here is my $0.02, Everything would be 3/4" PVC pipe. It is flexible enough. But I would not bury but lay it on the ground to be covered by the leaves and therefore not root affected. If you want to make it more invisible paint it dark green. Anchor with galv. or ss ground staples. The risers can be threaded nipples from threaded tees and stabilized with 3/8" rebar or plastic stakes. Place the line about a foot and a half above the low are so the runoff when the watering is shut off it can soak in the ground. Use adjustable spray heads that shoot just past 180 degrees and shoot up hill to the street. Adjust accordingly to minimize runoff. That is it. JMHO aloha

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