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darran68June 2, 2014

Hi everyone I'm a newby here so I apologise in advance if I sound naive.
I'm looking to purchase a lawn mower tractor and I've come across this website above. Now from what I'm seeing on this website it seems too good to be true!
I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with this website, but the products they are offering appear genuine and I'm amazed at their cheap prices!
I was looking to purchase a John Deere model that retails here in Australia for $3000.00. The same model on this website is selling for $950.00 and shipping appears to only be an extra $125.00!
I had to blink twice at this price and although I'm over joyed at the saving I'm going to make, I'm very suspicious of this item. Surely this is too good to be true!
Any advice anyone before I order this mower on my credit card!
Does anyone think this website is a scam?

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Caveat emptor site if ever there was one.
That is surely a scam website. Consider that Deere can't even build the machine you cite for what the supposed website store offers to sell them for.
And shipping..............heck, you could hardly get a tractor hauled across town for $125.
Be afraid, be very afraid!
A short opening excerpt from their website blurb tells me all I need to know, and that is to stay away. Below is a portion of that, verbatim, including punctuation errors.

"Best Mowers supply the industry leading riding mowers, lawn mowers, robotic mowers and many more.
Best Mowers ,established in 2006. We is an exporter of Indonesia Garden Supplies products."

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Yes I agree totally. The more I read on their website the easier it became not to believe them!
What amazes me is how they could get away with it in 2014!!
It just confirms that you cannot believe everything you see or hear on the internet. I've even heard of fake product review sites all over the net.
It's really sad that we have such a brilliant informative tool like the internet and yet some people in the world see it as a way to rip people off and create scams!
I recall times before the World Wide Web existed, oh happy days!
But I must admit if you are vigilant and use your common sense a lot can be learnt from it!
I guess I shall be buying my next mower at a shop I can actually visit!
Thank you for your comment..

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Have you folks down under heard of some scams that have been foisted on unsuspecting persons involving telephone charges?
A few years ago there were scams going around where a phone call would come in, and if answered by an answering machine, a message would be left about a family member either being in jail or had been in an auto accident. Family member was never identified by name, it would always be something like "Son or daughter" and a "call back number would be left.
Well, that worked in a lot of cases because if the household actually had a son or daughter, naturally they would want to call the number to determine what was going on. And if there was no son or daughter in the family, they would call the number to try and clear up that a mistake had been made and the call had reached the wrong party.
The call back number (if called) would go to a phone in the Dominican Republic and it was set up that if the number was called, charges would be applied to the caller's phone bill, even if it was a hang up call.
And all this was in the times before the modern internet.

So, I am not surprised that internet scams have replaced some other forms of scamming.
Only a few days ago a member on this forum commented about an alleged internet company being nothing but a telephone inside a hotel room in Jakarta.

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Hi, no I cannot say I've heard of the telephone/accident scam. But nothing surprises me these days what people are prepared to do to rip honest people off.
I've been shopping around and come across a brand new Cub Cadet LTX1042 for very reasonable money. Any views on these machines?
I've also found a 2004 John Deere L110 in pristine condition with low hours and brand new deck etc for $1000 less than the Cub. Private sale.
Any advice on which one would be the better machine?

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question was already asked in your other thread, mate...

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Hi, doh... Sorry I'm getting confused in my old age! Lol..

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