Arzin water timer

taylorswayJuly 8, 2008

I have an Arzin 1650 water timer which has previously

worked well. I have recently resurrected this puppy

for intended use in my yard again while I am on vacation

for a spell. However, I am having difficulty getting

it to operate on the frequency and duration I am telling

it to. I must have had an instruction leaflet at some

time that has probably met the recycle process leaving

me a 'little' frustrated in view of the fact I'm 'outta

here' next week. Is there somebody out there who is

familiar with this timer that can provide me with the

simple correct procedural steps to set the unit up...??


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I am looking for a reliable water timer ... had nothing but bad luck & loss of $$ using both Melnor & the Vigaro replacements Melnor sent. Both look identical & both quit in two months or so ... filled up with water inside & quit! I 'Googled' Melnor & see I am not the only one unhappy with their timer! Do you recommend Arzin & if so, where can they be bought? Sure hope someone can furnish you with the manual with the instructions you need!

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I also have a Arzin water timer for which I lost the intructions. Here is how I got it to work. Put new non-rechargeable batteries in it. Set the timer before connecting it to your faucet. First bring the dial to "reset", then turn the frequency knob to 1 hour, then turn the duration knob to 5 minutes (for the purpose of testing). Connect it to your faucet and then connect your hose, turn the water on. One hour later your timer should start, mine did. Then you can do the reset, frequency and duration sequence again for the time you want. Please note that if you want it to water in the evening, you have to do this setting in the evening. Mine is now set to: frequency every 24 hours, duration 1 hour and this from 8:00 pm. Good luck!

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