Would metamucil or psyllium be useful to retain water in garden??

LandonDJuly 23, 2011

I bought some psyllium husk powder today, and I put a tablespoon into a small cup of water, within a few minutes it had gelled up... That got me to thinking, could something like metamucil work as a seed germinating medium or even as a water absorbant additive to a garden container? I tried looking this up on the web but found nothing on it! If anyone knows or has experience I would love to hear it!

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Ask the container forum. They are always working on soil mixes with extra additives. Aloha

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Unless you have a cheap supply of the stuff, i can only imagine how much $ you'd have to spend trying to use it in the garden. I think the other garden stuff (peat, perlite & vermiculite & compost) are considerably less expensive.

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