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skiffrobJuly 12, 2014

I had an Irritrol Junior Max controller for my sprinkler system that recently went on the fritz and was told that it wasn't repairable. I bought a Rainbird ESP 6 TM and thought I would try and replace it myself but of course with little knowledge on the subject I have run into a problem. the Junior Max had two spots labeled "C" for what I understand are the Common white wires. My problem is that the Rainbird only has one marked "C" so I don't know where to hook up the second white wire. The only spot left is the one marked "MC" for Master Valve. The other problem is that when I try to run it manually the fuse keeps blowing.
Have I bought the wrong type of controller?
Many thanks for any help you can give.

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You will need to combine the two white wires into one and put it in the single C spot.

The fuse will keep blowing usually if you have a bad solenoid. Usually when it gets to that station.
You can use a volt/multimeter to test for bad solenoids.

Checking solenoids and field wires
1) Set meter to OHMs
2) Set range to 200
3) Remove common wire
4) Hold tip of black probe to common wire
5) Touch red probe to each station screw
**Short circuit/Bad solenoid/Wire=0-12 ohms
**12-60 ohms Good solenoid
**High numbers=corroded wire
**200+ common broken


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Thank you - I have combined the whites and I seem to have fixed the fuse problem by going up to the next MA. I now have a fully functioning sprinkler system again, just in time for the hot dry weather we are having.
Many thanks for your help.

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